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Med Mansion Mediterranean and Indian Cuisine

The awesome Med Mansion has re-opened in a new location that is now easily accessible!  Check out our previous review HERE.  We are very glad that they have opened again and that they are bringing their awesome food to the city of Bacolod.

Chiquit and Ina Campos pose proudly in front of their restaurant – Med Mansion.

Med Mansion is a restaurant that serves awesome Indian and Mediterranean dishes. This very unique restaurant was started by Mrs. Chiquit and Ina Campos, an amazing mother-daughter tandem and their partner.  They decided to bring the unique taste of India and Mediterranean food to Bacolod City.  They initially opened at a location beside Cordova-Buri road but they soon decided to transfer their restaurant to a new and more accessible location.

The interior of the new Med mansion! Clean and simple.

Med Mansion has an Indian chef from Bahrain that they hired to train their staff to produce authentic Indian and Mediterranean dishes.  They have an extremely diverse selection of dishes that are sure to please anybody.  Indian food is commonly perceived to be very spicy but Med mansion lets you adjust the spiciness level to your taste.  Experienced diners may want to choose the highest spiciness level while less experienced diners may want to chose mild spiciness.

Our Fantastic late lunch at med mansion. Clockwise from top: Hummus, Chicken tikka masala, Beef Curry, Beef Biryani and Samosas with tamarind sauce.

Chicken Tikka Masala is a dish of well-roasted chicken chunks in a spicy sauce. This is a wonderful dish that contains a full blast of hot indian spices.  It’s very good with rice.  The rich red sauce is very flavorful.  Dial down the spiciness or turn it up to the max for an authentic Indian experience.

Chicken Tikka Masala – 300 php.

Beef Curry is a familiar dish to many of us.  Seasoned chunks of beef are roasted and then served in a rich curry sauce.  Very good with rice.  This is a good dish to introduce someone to the pleasures of eating Indian food.  Med Mansion has a lot of curry dishes available ranging from chicken to shrimp curry.

Beef Curry – 325 php

Beef Biryani is a rice dish made with a special long grain biryani rice.  To simplify things, you can also describe it as Indian fried rice.  This is a very filling and hearty dish as it has both meat and vegetables all cooked up together.  We highly recommend this dish! Sulit na sulit.

Beef Biryani – 325 php

Samosas are mashed potatoes, vegetables and optionally, meat wrapped in a light pastry and then deep fried.  They come served with a sweet tamarind sauce.  This is really tasty and filling! I love potatoes a lot and this is one of my absolute favorites. These are usually served as appetizers and they are a perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Chicken Samosas – 150 php

Hummus is ground chickpeas mixed with spices and served as a dip.  Use the accompanying pita bread to eat it!  It’s very creamy and filling!

Hummus – 150 php.

To wash down all that spiciness, try their Mango lassi!  A lassi is a drink made with fruit and yogurt.  This tastes like drinking a yakult, it’s a bit sourish and tart but it’s very good for you.



Try out Med Mansion today!  They’re located at BS-Aquino – Lopez Jaena street,  D’ North Building, across from Good Year Tires.  Opening hours 11:00am to 9:00pm. Contact numbers: 09157307514 / 09982380440. Landline: (034) 458-41-35

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