Med Mansion: Indian Food In Bacolod

Med Mansion has moved!!  Check out their new location and new restaurant here! Click this link! 

Finding Indian Food in Bacolod has been very elusive.  There’s been a couple of Indian restaurants but sadly they’ve closed down.  Well, for those who love Indian food – y’all can rest assured that there’s a new awesome Indian restaurant that serves excellent Indian Food!!  It’s Med Mansion! We went with a couple of friends to Med Mansion and we were pleased to discover really good authentic Indian food!  They have a lot of items on the menu -over a hundred and these are the ones we ordered!  We’re coming back to order more! Bring on the spicy Indian food!

Our first appetizer was the ever famous samosa. We got the veggie samosas.  This treat is basically fried dumplings stuffed with potato, curry, peas and Indian spices. This is served with a tamarind sauce.  It is so so good.

Veggie Samosas! (120 php)

The inside of the samosas are just pure love…

Stuffed with potatoes, peas and love.. 🙂

We ordered drinks and we highly recommend their lassi – yogurt drinks blended with or without fruit.  The taste is like drinking a very creamy, very thick glass of Yakult.  Yogurt lovers will love this drink!

Yogurt Lassi! (100php). The glass that they serve it in is as tall as a pitcher of water and a regular glass of water!

This lime juice drink is so refreshing!  It also comes in a tall glass! Perfect for cooling you down!

Blended with mint, this refreshing drink will certainly brighten up your day! (100 php)

Now the main dishes.  There’s A LOT of main dishes so we only ordered our favorites. Chicken Biryani and Lamb Curry.  Both are equally fantastic and delicious!  The Chicken Biryani has chunks of chicken and is a perfect medley of Indian spices, Cardamom, Saffron, Turmeric, Sultanas and garlic.  It is also huge! One dish can comfortably serve Four people.  Or in our case, two because we were really hungry.

Chicken Biryani Rice. (300 php) Don’t be fooled by its plain looking appearance. Inside, once you break the rice up it looks totally different and is a wonderful flavor explosion!

We had the lamb curry.  The sauce was really delicious and the lamb soft and tender.  This went so well with the Biryani Rice!  This was all gone in a flash. It was really rich and it is a nice comfort food that goes so well with rice.

Lamb curry! Oh my gosh. Pour the sauce on some rice… SO heavenly!!! SO DELICIOUS!!!

Please do give it a try!  We’re so happy that once again there’s Indian Food in Bacolod!  This is gorgeous!   Med mansion is located alongside GM Cordova Avenue near Camella Subdivison Bacolod!  Landmarks are Mandalagan Golf Course and Our Lady of Mercy Capture You can’t miss it!  The outside of Med Mansion is very distinctive.   20150810_124310


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2 Comments on “Med Mansion: Indian Food In Bacolod”

  1. August 29, 2015 at 6:16 am #

    A mixed review…Restaurant appearance was good but the presence of flies was upsetting as was the bug that went for a swim in my water glass. Upon being presented with the menu I asked the waitress if everything in it was available..She asked us to choose and then she would see. Not the response you would want from a restaurant with their prices (1000P for two). She eventually pointed out many items on the menu which were not available including all lamb dishes. She said they have never had lamb but another waitress standing by said they have had but not now. It seems unforgivable that a Indian restaurant would not have lamb!!. The goat curry was quite good for my taste and the Biryani Rice was ok. The naan was uninspiring and as presented was actually tortillas. We both thought the samosas were very good. Their location is probably not a prime restaurant spot with walk-by traffic so word of mouth is their only marketing tool and unless they improve their service and actual menu choices, they will need deep pockets to survive very long. We love Indian food so we sincerely hope they get their act together and hope there is a second chance to make a good first impression.


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