Rau Ram Cafe – The new Saigon Cafe

We’re proud to announce that Saigon Cafe has undergone a metamorphosis and like a phoenix – transformed itself to the new Rau Ram Cafe!

The New Rau Ram Cafe.

Owned and managed by Sylvia Gerangue, the new Rau Ram cafe is just located across the street from the old location of Saigon Cafe – and the new place solves a lot of things that were missing from the old place like parking and the number of tables!

Murals on the walls.
Lovely artwork.

The place is really pleasant to visit  and the new Rau ram cafe has undergone many pleasant aesthetic upgrades from murals on the walls to better tables and chairs but the food has remained the same.  Yes, your old Saigon Cafe favorites are still there.

Pho just the way you like it.
Pork stewed in Buko juice.

Rau Ram Cafe is located at Prk. Marapara 1 Zone 2, Brgy. Bata

6100 Bacolod City
Telephone number: (034) 707 0255

The signature drink Vietnamese coffee is also there!  Drop by and give it a try.


Please give the new Rau Ram cafe a visit! Here’s the Google Maps as to its location!


1 comment on “Rau Ram Cafe – The new Saigon Cafe

  1. We have only been to a couple Vietnamese restaurants in the Philippines but I have eaten at many in California and also in Vietnam. We have eaten at Rau Ram four times and the food and service is top notch. A lot of ethnic food in the Philippines’ seems to be modified for local taste. In our opinion, Rau Ram did not fall into this trap. Also a side benefit is the ample safe parking right at the restaurant. The only downside is the constant visits by flies. The staff helps in mitigating this problem but it’s still annoying.

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