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Jaimie’s Cafe


A new and exciting restaurant is about to open in Bacolod: Jaimie’s Cafe. We were invited to a food tasting event to preview the new dishes that will be coming out when Jaimie’s Cafe opens next week!

The interior of Jaimie’s Cafe. As of now it is pretty bare-bones but the owners will soon put up more decorations and improvements.

The interior of Jamie’s Cafe is built on the foundations of a 1950’s style house. There will be an outdoor dining area as well as a function room.  When we visited, everything was in place, it only needed a little more work and polish to be ready for next week’s opening.  The place is beautiful,

We were served several dishes. We were told that these are the final dishes that will be served with a little more tweaking when the restaurant opens.

The first course was pesto ravioli stuffed with cream cheese.  The white sauce seasoned with the savory Pesto was a sharp contrast to the cream-cheese stuffed ravioli and yet it worked so well!  Instead of stuffing their ravioli with cheap vegetables like another restaurant in Bacolod does, you get rich cream cheese.  So good!

Cream cheese stuffed ravioli with pesto sauce.

The next dish was a savory dish of Gambas. We were expecting a plain dish of shrimp but we did not expect a savory dish overflowing with onions, shrimp and roasted garlic.  The garlic cloves were roasted perfectly and they became soft and the strong garlic taste had dissipated into the sauce.  This was a joy to eat.  The sauce was rich and we guessed the main ingredient in it was aligue – crab fat.

Gambas with roasted garlic cloves. A must try.  It is particularly satisfying to hunt down and eat the cloves of roasted garlic.


The next course was a dish of lengua or ox tongue.  This dish of tongue came topped with Jaimie’s signature roasted garlic and plenty of chives, onions and white sauce.  The lengua itself was soft and tender to eat.  The sauce was a bit thin but it was very good, the creamy sauce mixed with the savory vegetables and added accents of flavor to the lengua.

Lengua. Delicious soft cow tongue.

A pasta dish was also served! Yum!

I love Pasta!!

The main highlight of the meal was their Osso Buco.  It was a cut of meat with a big marrow bone in the middle, served with a flavorful,smooth wine sauce and topped with vegetables and more of the signature roasted garlic.

Osso Buco. Bone marrow lovers will love how the marrow endows a delectable flavor to the meat and to the sauce.

Not all dishes are unfamiliar, Jaimie’s Cafe also has their version of Baby Back ribs.  Their tangy sauce and wholesome side dishes of grilled corn and potatoes is a good and refreshing combination from the usual cliched “corn and carrots” that we usually see adorning back rib dishes.

Back ribs!! Sidings!!! Full tummy!

We had the special Cesar Salad with grilled chicken. It came with their own special Caesar Salad dressing and the chicken was liberally doused with parmesan.  It was okay.  Perfect for those on a diet.

Chicken Caesar Salad.

Finally we had our dessert.  We were served two kinds of dessert – First one was Jaimie’s apple pie which is a pie baked in a ramekin with a crumbly crust. Luscious chunks of apple flavored with cinnamon greeted us as we broke the crust and we enjoyed each spoon full with the vanilla ice cream topping drizzled with an agreeable sauce.  Such bliss!

Apple Pie! This is sooo good. Really, Really, good.

The next dessert was an ice cream sandwich with two cookies. But not just any ordinary cookies, these are chocolate lava cookies which means that they have melted chocolate sauce inside of them that oozes out every time you bite them.

This ice cream cookie sandwich is a combination of different textures and flavors! Awesome!

Jamie’s Cafe is open! Its location is beside the Jack and Jill school along circumferential road.




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