Gourmandz burger and pasta: KTV fun!

We were in the mood for Karaoke after our Christmas party so decided to head to Gourmandz. Gourmandz is located on Lacson street, directly in front of L’fisher hotel.

Gourmandz has a very cheery atmosphere. For those not into karaoke or KTV there is a nice dining area outside that is very cozy and well-lit.

Gourmandz beautiful dining area.

We were here for Karaoke so we got a room! It was clean and the Karaoke equipment was ok. The air-conditioner however couldn’t sufficiently cool the room. We got towers of iced tea to cool us off.

The room and the minuscule air conditioner. An air vent is there to blow out the hot air. Remember, Hot air rises, cold air sinks. Science 101.

The Karaoke machine and the Tv screen were excellent! There was a good selection of songs!

The Karaoke Machine. Sound quality was excellent!

There was a good selection of songs too!

The Karaoke party started and the singing began in earnest.  We ordered some food to sate our appetites.  Here’s what Gourmandz had to offer.

Gourmandz giant burger. This is huge! Cut into quarters, it could easily feed four people. It tastes ok.
Fried chicken and french fries. This was a miss for me since the chicken had no taste whatsoever, it wasn’t seasoned at all. I guess you’re supposed to pour the gravy over it to add taste but who wants to sing and hold the karaoke mike with greasy, gravy covered hands?
Gourmandz Carbonara. It’s okay.

We enjoyed our Karaoke party in Gourmandz.  The place is very accessible to all due to its location on Lacson street. The food is okay. It’s decent. If you are looking for a great place to have your next Karaoke party, Gourmandz is a good choice to make.


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