Kenaji Japanese Restaurant: Filipino-Japanese fusion.

Kenaji is a new Japanese restaurant in Bacolod that pairs affordability with Filipino-Japanese Fusion food.  It is located on the ground floor of Mayfair Plaza.

We went there to try out their dishes. Immediately as we entered we were greeted by an enthusiastic “Irrashaimase!” by the staff.

Incidentally the Japanese word “Aji” means “taste” so Kenaji translates to Ken’s taste in English.

Here we are at Kenaji!
Click on the picture to be taken to a 3D picture of Kenaji

The interior is mostly done up in red and black. Japanese calligraphy done by the owner’s son Ken. The dining area is well lighted and the waiters wear cute uniforms too.


I ordered the curry chicken cutlet with rice. It was good! The curry was rich and full of little carrots and veggies. Whenever I make Japanese Curry I melt a block of S&B to make a thick roux. This curry was authentic S&B.

Chicken cutlets and Curry! A match made in heaven!

We also tried their Bento lunches. We ordered the fish bento lunch and we really liked that there was Marumiya Noritama (dried Seaweed and egg) on top of the rice! There was some omelet,fish fillets and some vegetables with the bento. It was a substantial lunch.

Bento with Marumiya Noritama!

We also had some vegetable tempura and some sushi too!

Vegetable Tempura

Kenaji is a great little restaurant. It manages to strike a fine compromise between being authentic Japanese but also at the same time catering to Filipino tastes too. The prices are fair and you can get a pretty decent Japanese culinary experience.

Plus points to Kenaji for: The S&B curry and the Noritama. I honestly never expected to find a restaurant in Bacolod with these items.

Minus points for the IRRASHAIMASE everytime people come in. The place is small so every few minutes your conversation is interrupted by people yelling IRRASHAIMASE. Deafening.  I know it means “Welcome!” but some people might find it annoying.

We had a great time at Kenaji and we are looking forward to dining there again in the future.

4 comments on “Kenaji Japanese Restaurant: Filipino-Japanese fusion.

  1. Bwa ha–that hearty IRRASHAIMASSEEEEE!!! Is standard fare in most mid-level eateries in Japan, which simply translates as “Welcome!” Were you to visit Japan, I’m sure that your eating out experience would make you go wack in short order. Bear with it–!,

  2. Martin Banana

    I know that it’s standard. But the place is so small! haha

  3. location and prices please, mart.

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