Rinjin: A new and promising Japanese Restaurant!

We’re excited to bring to you our readers an article about RINJIN.  Rinjin is one of the newest restaurants to open in Eroreco subdivision down the street from Pamilya  grill.  The Bacolod Food hunters were able to drop in during their soft opening..

Rinjin’s charming minimalist interior

Rinjin was conceptualized by a family who first wanted to open a Japanese take out place.  After much discussion they decided to convert their garage into a restaurant!

Rinjin has a beautiful steampunk clock

I tried the torikatsu… it was great!  For a soft opening, the food was definitely well prepared!  The chicken was perfectly fried while the catsup-mayo sauce was excellent, with special kick to it..  They also have an extensive menu that ranges from Tuna sashimi to american and filipino breakfast favorites.

RinJin’s Tuna sashimi
The Tonkatsu being cooked
Trying the Oyakudon

There were more dishes on the menu that we  planned to sample later when more time permits.

The interesting thing about Rinjin is that there is an atmosphere of fun to the place!  Since kids love japanese food, Rinjin offers free origami papers and an origami placemat for kids and kids at heart!

RInjin has fun placemats
The The owner explains how to make origami.  “For adults we also have sudoku, but origami is more fun!”

Rinjin also offers deliveries and breakfast!  We’ll bring you more pics soon!  Please feel free to drop by Rinjin!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Retovado says:

    must try this place out!! thanks!!

    have you reviewed Beso grill sa 6th st? namit sg sate and sausages…

  2. Martin Banana says:

    I really want to go sa beso grilll but always closed cya whenever I pass by! I must really try to go there more

  3. Retovado says:

    lunch or dinner… closed? hmmmm….

    try mo ila butifara sausages… yum

  4. earl says:

    Ate there just tonight. Warm and accommodating indeed, plus, the tasty meal is reasonably priced at such generous servings. Well worth more visits with family and close friends.

    See you there..

    P.S. Thanks a lot Mommy Bing…. (“,)

  5. Lamonista says:

    This place looks promising! Would it be possible for you to post the menu? Thanks!

  6. ruzel says:

    try nyu ang rinjin japanese food manamit gid yuh!

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