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Casita de Val: Bacolod’s latest fine dining restaurant.

Casita de Val is Bacolod City’s latest fine dining restaurant. We paid a visit to their location in Food Central on Lacson Street and we enjoyed every moment of it! Read more below!

Don’t pass .up on this unassuming but awesome restaurant!

The inside of Casita De Val is actually quite nice. It’s an open air restaurant but it is situated under a tree with insulation and strong ceiling fans so it is actually quite nice and cool inside. We never felt the need for air conditioning.

It’s nice and bright in Casita De Val. The lights are bright and the ambience is quite inviting. It’s definitely a notch above open-air restaurants. They even have a grandfather wall clock and murals of a lion bleeding gold blood. Which makes for interesting conversation pieces.

Casita De Val has a nice seating area right next to the big tree in the back. You can sit and enjoy a quiet moment in this little nook. Even though this is an open air restaurant, there are no bugs or mosquitos as a high quality bug zapper gets rid of them.

The only MAJOR flaw of Casita De Val is their neighbor. Right beside them is a Karaoke bar and when we dined in the evening, the drunken customers saw fit to regale us with their carousing. We could hear them through the walls. It was quite off putting. Definitely a din from hell. Fortunately the singing stopped after a while.

Casita De Val has some very delicious and interesting dishes that “don’t break the bank.” The prices are very fair and the service and wait staff are excellent.

Salad of the day: As an appetizer we tried Casita De Val’s Salad of the day. It consisted of a vegetable we have never tried before – fiddlehead ferns! It came with a light vinegar dressing, some white cheese, cucumbers, mangos, pickled onions and radishes. The ferns were crunchy and overall it was a nice and refreshing salad.

Salad of the day 190 php

We got one of the interesting dishes on the menu – Casita De Val’s Crispy Pigeon in Adobo Sauce. This is a dish of deep fried pigeon on a bed of mashed sweet potato, adobo sauce and topped with a poached egg, fried garlic and carrot strips.

We like this dish because we have had experience eating pigeon and fried maya (sparrows). If you’ve eaten those birds before, you definitely know what you’re getting into with this dish. We would rate this as a fairly advanced dish for a newcomer so you may want to pair this dish with something more familiar.

We love the Kansi Steak at Casita De Val. You get soft and tender beef shanks in a batuan gravy topped with onions and fried garlic. Don’t forget to scoop out the soft and tender bone marrow and mix it it with the gravy for added richness. This is one of the best dishes of Casita De Val.

Kansi Steak 290 php.

Different angle showing the beef cubes

More Kansi? Another of Casita De Val’s nicest dishes is their excellent Kansi Sisig. Crispy and meaty, this was a dish enjoyed by everyone of all ages at the dining table. It’s a very flavorful dish. We love the combination of salty, sour and spicy flavors. Just looking at this picture makes us hungry! You will definitely order extra rice with this dish.

Kansi Sisig at Casita De Val. 265 php. Money well spent.

Another excellent dish at Casita De Val is their Callos A La Madrileña. This is a Spanish dish of ox tripe, ox tail, tomato sauce, garbanzos, black olives and topped with Spanish beef chorizo. Super duper good. Flavorful. Extra rice-able.

Callos A La Madrileña. 220 php.

Casita De Val has FOUR duck dishes on the menu. They have duck steamed buns, Pato Tin and their specials served only on Wednesdays – duck breast and duck leg confit.

We tried their Pato tin – it’s an Asian dish of half a braised duck. The Pato tin came with bok choy and potatoes on the side. The duck was a little bony but that’s to be expected of locally farmed duck.

Patotin – 600 php

Wednesdays are extra special at Casita De Val. That’s when they have their specials of Pan Seared duck breast and Duck leg confit. We really liked their Pan Seared duck swimming in a sea of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Pan seared duck – 385 php

There’s some great rice meal items on the lower cost menu. You can have Casita De Val’s Lengua with creamy mushroom sauce. You definitely get your money’s worth with this dish. You will be highly tempted to order extra rice!

The lengua is sliced paper thin though.

They also have a small bowl of Callos on the lower cost menu too. Very very tasty. Also extra-riceable!

For dessert we tried Casita De Val’s Panna Cotta & Bandi. It mixes two of our favorite things, caramelized candied peanuts and panna cotta.

Casita De Val is an awesome new place to Bacolod’s dining scene. The food was very good and fairly priced. We recommend knowing what you’re getting into when you order duck and pigeon. Keep that in mind and you will have a good time.

Artwork by Kerstien. The beheaded lion bleeding gold blood.
It’s not AESTHETIC – it’s ARTISTIC!! Definitely a conversation piece and something more intellectual than plastic plants and neon lights more commonly seen in “aesthetic” cafes. Well done!

Casita De Val’s Opening hours: 11am-9pm Sunday to Thursdays. Closed halfdays on Fridays, with lunchtime at 11am-2pm. Closed on Saturdays.

Contact number: 0945 381 7923

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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