Akashya Restobar – former Akasya Grill reinvents itself.

Akashya Restobar is a restaurant in Bacolod City that has been around for decades. It’s now on its 30th year! That’s a long time in the restaurant business! Akashya restobar was previously known as Akasya Grill – named after the big acacia trees that shade the restaurant .

Akashya Restobar started out as a native restaurant and then evolved into a place where college students could party and enjoy drinks.

Those college age customers are now adults and once again, Akashya Restobar has re-invented itself to keep up with the times. The owners changed the menu to incorporate steaks and the menu from their old restaurant- Kristin’s steakhouse – one of the first steakhouses in Bacolod City,

We re-visited Akashya Restobar to try out their food again and see what’s new in this beloved Bacolod Restaurant! So, all you college kids – now Titos and Titas who used to hang out at Acacia grill, read more below about this beloved Bacolod Restaurant

Akashya Grill is located at the corners of 17th street and 18th streets Bacolod City The beautiful main entrance has remained unchanged! Telephone number: 4348256

The main structure of Akashya grill (formerly Acacia Grill) has remained unchanged but there are several new, awesome additions. There are now big outdoor dining areas! Akashya Restobar is now known for being a party place with great food and their outdoor areas is where the weekend parties happen.

An intimate outdoor dining area that can also serve as a meeting area.

The interior of Akashya Restobar has been renovated but still retains most of the features that customers remember. There’s now a bar and an airconditioned dining room area.

One of the owner’s daughters is into creating delicious, artisanal ice cream and she incorporated that into Akashya’s Fria Ice Cream Bar – Bacolod’s first Bar with alcohol infused ice cream creations. They’ve got tubs of artisan ice cream available. Super tasty!

Fria Ice Cream Bar with a Gringo Benedicto mural of the family’s one-legged Parrot who lived 50 years!

The food at Akashya restobar is your classic restaurant favorites. We got their Calamares, Morisqueta rice, grilled pork chop and our favorite – the Kristin steak – something that we’ve been ordering for a very long time.

Calamares in the Philippines is a popular dish of battered squid, deep fried until crispy.

Calamares at Akashya Restobar

When we are at Akashya Restobar, we always order our favorite – Morisqueta rice! It is a distinctly Filipino fried rice that has ham, Chinese sausage and vegetables. Very nice!

One of the dishes that we ordered was Akashya Restobar’s grilled porkchop. Mmm. Good!

Of course, we couldn’t leave without trying the famous Kristin Steak! It’s their 30 year old recipe that’s still the same today. There’s beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables, drizzled all over with mushroom gravy and served on a sizzling plate. Simple but delicious. Still the same after 30 years. It’s still the delicious dish that people remember!

Kristin Steak

Akashya Restobar is located at the corner of 17th-18th street, Capitol Subdivision, Bacolod City.

Telephone number: 4348256

Opening Hours: Open 11am-11pm (Mondays – Sundays)

Official Facebook Page:

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

1 comment on “Akashya Restobar – former Akasya Grill reinvents itself.

  1. Stephanie Morgan

    Really surprised with this Resto.At first,outside it appeared so loud as it was filled by students but we we’re accommodated in their enclosed area.The food was really good esp the lumpia.It was the best I have tried.In fact every food we had was really good.Hands down I would definitely go back to this place when I’m home.

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