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ShabuNiku: Great Korean Food and eat all you can in Bacolod City

Shabuniku is one of Bacolod City’s oldest Korean Restaurants. They’ve recently celebrated their eight years anniversary and this year, we’re revisiting them to celebrate their eight wonderful years in the restaurant business.

Shabuniku Korean Restaurant is located at 12th street, 2F above Shakey’s Restaurant Bacolod City.

ShabuNiku is on the second floor of the building. You have a nice view of Lacson street and you can even sneak a peek over at a beautiful Bacolod City Historical house – The Rosario Montilla Abello residence.

The Rosario Montilla Abello residence is a classic Bacolod Mansion – made of wood and concrete with American influences and built to be cool and sturdy in the Philippine Tropical weather.

ShabuNiku has a lovely eat all you can Korean BBQ promo for 499 pesos only. There’s so much already included. You get Samgyeopsal, Korean Fried Chicken, Jabchae (Korean fried noodles), Kimchi Jjige (a kimchi stew) and unli rice!

Wow, this is absolutely a huge, awesome deal!

If you don’t like all this, you can get the budget promo for 350 pesos which is just the meat, lettuce and rice.

You will still have a lot of appetizers that will go with the food so whatever promo you take – you will be stuffed!

We got Beef and pork strips to cook up. ShabuNiku has one of the best quality beef we’ve ever seen here in Bacolod City. Just looking at the photos we took made us feel hungry again!

Beef Chadol

The samgyeopsal is quite good too. You get unlimited lettuce/chinese cabbage with the meat so you can go and make your own wraps. Don’t forget to grill up some garlic, add some chili sauce, some pickled veggies and you’ll have a wrap fit for a king!


We were really stuffed with all the extras that comes with the eat all you can meal. There’s quite a lot!

Kimchi Jjige

The ala carte dishes at ShabuNiku are also very good. Beef Bulgogi is a popular Korean dish of stewed beef, vegetables and glass noodles. It’s savory and a little sweet at the same time.

Beef Bulgogi 299 php – Angus beef slices cooked in a special sauce.

Dak Galbee is a spicy chicken dish at Shabu Niku. Boneless Chicken breast is marinated and cooked in a spicy-sweet gochujang sauce.

Dak Galbee – Boneless chicken in a gochujang sauce.

A friend of ours is crazy about ShabuNiku’s Beef Chadol. It’s a savory beef dish served with plenty of garlic. The Beef Chadol looks simple but actually it’s quite a complex dish with several seasonings. ShabuNiku serves a huge portion, enough to satiate big appetites.

Beef Chadol ala carte

It was our first time to try ShabuNiku’s Korean spicy squid! It is so good! The flavors are complex and the reddish sweet-spicy sauce enhances the natural flavor of the squid. The vegetables add texture and mouth feel to this already awesome dish.

We’ll be having this again soon!

Spicy Korean Squid –

We also got a dish of Galbi – ribs sliced and cooked in a Korean sauce. Very tasty! Some people like nibbling the meat around the bone – according to them, the extra effort makes the meat taste even better!

Daeji Galbee

ShabuNiku is a great place to try Korean Dishes. Their easily accessible location on Lacson street makes them a convenient place to dine. Give them a try!

ShabuNiku is located at 12th Lacson street at the second floor (above Shakey’s restaurant).

Telephone number: (034) 435 9271

Opens at 11am – 8pm

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