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Tong Yang: Now open in Bacolod City!

Fans of Shabu Shabu and grilled food – your time has come!  Tong Yang from the Vikings group of restaurants has just opened in Bacolod City!  This restaurant specializes in eat all you can Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku all you can!grill all you can meats and seafood.

Tong Yang is now open at Ayala Malls Capitol Central, Second floor, Bacolod City. Opens for lunch from 11am – 2pm. Opens for dinner 5:30pm-9pm

Tong Yang Bacolod is a huge restaurant. Most of the meats, vegetables and desserts are located in a central area while the tables with grills are located mostly to the sides of the restaurants. There are a couple of VIP rooms available for small groups and for special occasions.

If you’re new to Shabu-Shabu, it is a way of eating in which you cook food in boiling soup. In fact, the word Shabu-Shabu is an onomatopoeia for the sound chopsticks make when swirling around the meat and vegetables in a pot.

Tong Yang has a lot of soups to choose from.

  • Laksa Soup
  • Pork Soup
  • Sate Soup
  • Sinigang soup
  • Spicy Mala soup
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Seafood soup
  • Chinese Herb Soup

We’ve only tried three of the soups. Laksa is a nice spicy soup base that adds a chili flavor to the meat and vegetables. Sate is a peanut based soup and the Seafood soup is a delicious soup with all the delicious flavour of shrimp and fish.

Here’s how to enjoy a good pot of Shabu Shabu Soup at Tong Yang Bacolod. First of all make your selection from the various seafood, vegetables, noodles and meat. For first timers, we recommend checking out the dumplings and assorted fish cakes and meatballs.

Tong Yang has a lot of delicious items to make Shabu Shabu with.
Chicken meatballs, one of our favourites.

If you want to, you can add noodles for a hearty meal. Tong Yang has different kinds of noodles available. Our favourites are the mushroom noodles and the carrot noodles.

Egg noodles, Carrot noodles, Chili and Mushroom noodles… there’s so many kinds to choose from!

Add vegetables for crunch and texture! There’s a lot to choose from. The Vegetables taste so much better with Tong Yang’s special soups.

We were pleasantly surprised to see “rare” ingredients like shiitake mushrooms, tofu skins, vegetable custard and black fungus at Tong Yang Bacolod. Wow! These ingredients are really good. We highly recommend trying the tofu skins. These absorb the soup and have a chewy texture so it’s really delicious to eat.

Assorted “rare” ingredients at Tong Yang.

Once you’ve got your ingredients it’s time to go back to your table and cook!

The induction plates are a nice touch. They don’t heat up when you touch them which means you won’t get burned. They only heat up when Tong Yang’s special pots are placed on them.

Tong Yang’s induction plate with touch controls.
Once the pots are placed on them they start to boil.

WARNING: Although the induction plate does not get hot, the pots and the soup really get to boiling temperature. BE CAREFUL and if you’re dining with children, cook the food for them. Don’t let them cook their own food.

Assorted fishcakes, meatballs and the delicious tofu skins.

You can add all sorts of sauces and meats to the soup. It’s so simple, easy and delicious! It’s fun to have Shabu Shabu at Tong Yang Bacolod!

Shabu Shabu is served

Grilling food is just as fun in Tong Yang Bacolod. You are absolutely spoilt for choice. There’s so many seafood, meats and even sausages already sliced and ready to be grilled yakiniku style.

Choose from Pork, Chicken, Fish or Beef. Some of the selections are already marinated so all you have to do is grill them.
There’s a wide variety of seafood. They even have Shellfish!
There’s premium items such as Beef Karubi (boneless short ribs), Soft and tender Pork neck and Chuck Eye Roll.
There’s delicious sausages and hotdogs for kids and adults.
Various Odds and ends
For the gourmand, there are Filipino favourites such as isaw! (Pig intestines)

Once you’ve made your selection, come and select your dipping sauces. Tong Yang has ready made sauces. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can combine these sauces and directly pour them on the meats before you grill them, or set them aside and dip the meat in them once you’ve finished grilling.

Satay sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, etc… There’s a lot to choose from. We recommend asking the waiter to mix you some of the house special Tong Yang sauce. It’s absolutely delicious.
Protip: The house special Tong Yang sauce goes well with the Shabu Shabu and the grilled meats

Once you’ve selected your meats and your dipping sauce, brush the grill with butter and get to grilling! It’s that easy and fun at Tong Yang Bacolod! Yakiniku all you can!

Grilling is fun and easy!

If you’re really hungry, there are already prepared food and buffet favourites such as shrimp tempura and some dimsum.

Pork Shrimp Siomai
Har Gaw or Shrimp Siomai
Barbecued chicken feet

PROTIP: If you really love dimsum and tempura, sit near the display. The reason for this is that these are high demand items and they are quickly snapped up by the customers. If you sit too far away, it is such a hassle to keep walking back and forth.

For desserts there is a Halo-Halo bar, eat all you can ice cream and some desserts in Tong Yang Bacolod. There’s also unlimited draft beer, soda and juices to drink! Enjoy!!

Tiny cakes, in season fruit and small dessert cups.

After reading all of this, you guys must be eager to visit Tong Yang! Here are their prices and their promos. See you guys at Tong Yang!

Tong Yang Bacolod 2019 Prices

Note: There is a 5% service charge on all prices

Weekday Lunch

  • Adults – 499 pesos

Weekday Dinner

  • Adults – 599 pesos

Weekends/Holiday/Lunch and Dinner

  • 599 pesos

Kids Rate

  • Below 3 feet – FREE
  • Kids 3 feet to 4 feet – 168 pesos
  • 4 feet to 4’6 feet – 318 pesos

Senior Citizen Rate

  • 60 to 70 years old – 20% discount
  • 75 years old and above – 50% special discount

Tong Yang Bacolod Special Promos

Birthday Promo

  • Celebrants eat for free ON THE DAY OF THEIR BIRTHDAY provided they are accompanied by ONE FULL PAYING ADULT

10+2 Promo

  • Reservation with 10 full paying adults and above are entitled to a special deal (10+2 promo) wherein for every 10 full paying adults, 2 Other guests may eat for free.

Tong Yang Bacolod Level 2, Ayala Malls Capitol Central
Bacolod City

Telephone Number: (042) 700 0888


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