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Crab King: The best place in Bacolod For Crabs!

There’s an awesome restaurant in Bacolod that specializes only in simple boiled crabs.  It’s a simple dish but this restaurant has hordes of people lining up even before it opens! Here is our article on Crab King – the extremely popular Crab restaurant!

Customers lining outside of Crab King. The store sold out of Crab and had to close 30 minutes after opening!

Crab King is located at 632 YLAC avenue, Barangay Villamonte.  The place is extremely tiny. One room with three tables and a kitchen area.  The only decorations are posters from liquor companies and a menu proudly proclaiming  CRAB RICE WALA ( nothing left)

Denis Ortega, the man behind the operation!

Despite the dingy decor, crowds of people jostle for table space.  If you’re unfortunate enough – the first customers have bought all of the crabs and there will be none left!

The secret to Crab King’s immense popularity is that Denis himself hand picks the crabs he sells.  They are fat, bursting with flavor and aligue – the rich tasting crab roe that makes the crab taste so good.  

550 for 1 kilo of cooked crabs

Boiled with a little salt and served with rice, this simple dish of boiled crabs has people in Bacolod craving for it. This little hole-in-wall restaurant is one of Bacolod’s best hidden restaurants.

A group of Coca Cola employees enjoy a crab feast on their lunch break!
Big crabs!

Crab King is so popular that they will sell out minutes after opening!

A group of happy customers
Delicious crab and crab roe just oozing out!

If you want to visit Crab King, come early around 11-12noon.  There are lots of people buying crab and it is difficult to get tables so just get crabs for take out.  If you’re unlucky to be late they close as soon as the crabs run out!

Our first attempt to visit Crab King. This taught us not to be late!


Crab King is located at #632 YLAC avenue, Bacolod City


Telephone number: 09567317097 (phone only available from 10 am onwards, reservations not guaranteed.)


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