Swirls Ice cream Bacolod: Put a new spin on your ice cream!


I scream, you scream, We all scream for ice cream! In Bacolod, you won’t have to look far for a good Ice cream parlor anymore.  Swirls ice cream is now open in Bacolod. Swirls, a Manila franchise recently opened its first Bacolod branch at Main Strip Alley, La Salle Avenue. In just a few days this ice cream chain is now one of the most beloved places by La Salle students for its sweet treats.

Swirls ice cream Bacolod has several tables and chairs inside an air-conditioned store so customers can enjoy their ice cream in comfort. There’s a lot of items on Swirls’ menu!  Swirls specializes in soft serve ice cream, blended ice cream, floats, dipped cones and sundaes.  Even if you just have twenty pesos, you can already enjoy a delicious soft serve cone with delicious toppings and syrup.  It is this amazing combination of budget and premium ice creams (90-99 php) that makes them so popular with students.

Here are the highlights of Swirls’ Menu:

Spinner (Premium)

  • 65 php for 8oz
  • 85 php for 12oz
  • 99 php for 16oz

Swirls’ spinner is a lot like Dairy Queen’s Blizzard cups. Both consist of soft ice cream that is blended with other ingredients until a soft, thick consistency is reached.  Swirls has two kinds of spinners, Regular and Premium.  We suggest ordering premium spinners since  Swirls uses choice ingredients such as almonds, m&m’s, fudge and chocolate.  There are a lot of varieties available just ask the friendly salesladies! We decided to try their M&M brownie fudge spinner.

I liked the thick, chewy brownies and the delightful contrasting texture of soft ice cream together with the crisp candy shell of the M&Ms created a wonderful combination.  The 16 oz spinner is big enough for two people – easy to share.

Banana Split

  • 1 bowl for 75 php

I have fond memories of Celyn’s Ice Cream house back in the early 90’s. Back then, it was the only place in Bacolod to get a banana split. Now, old timers like me don’t have to reminisce about the past since Swirls has banana splits that are bursting with color and flavor.  Chocolate and strawberry syrup swirls adorn vanilla ice cream topped with nuts and luscious cherries.  Very delicious!

Swirl’s Banana Split. A tempting medley of ripe bananas and chocolate, strawberry syrup. Carfait


  • 99 php for a glass.

Swirls has ice cream parfaits – or as they call it, carfait“.  A parfait is ice cream served in a tall glass with layers of fruit, toppings and cream.  I tried THREE of the many carfaits swirls had because they all looked so yummy.

The first among the flavors I tried was their Blueberry cheesecake carfait.  Blueberries (comstock) in syrup was layered and drizzled over vanilla ice cream and topped with chunks of cheesecake and topped with a cherry.

Blueberry cheesecake carfait – cool and refreshing.

Mango Passion carfait is an absolute blast to eat.  The taste of mango combines very well with the rich, creamy taste of the vanilla ice cream.  Crushed graham crackers is also added to enhance the texture and give the carfait a more “cake-like” feel.

Mango Passion Carfait – highly recommended.

The best carfait in my opinion is the Choco brownie fudge. The glass is filled almost to overflowing with rich fudge brownies, almonds and to top it all off a cherry and a stick of Kit-Kat. This is a very eye catching and exciting dessert.  The variety of textures (especially the crunchy almonds) is very enjoyable.

Choco Brownie fudge Carfait.

Get this carfait and you will be FULL.

These are just a few of their carfait varieties – Try the others when you visit!

We gave the rest of the lower priced ice creams a try.  These are the kinds popular with the students. 25 pesos already gets you a nice cone with your choice of syrup plus some candy sprinkles.


20 pesos will get you a swirls delight – with assorted flavors and syrup.  We ordered a lot for takeout – we had blueberry, strawberry, chocolate and mango.

Of course I didn’t eat all of these in one sitting but rather I spaced my dessert treats out over a period of days.  Everything in moderation.  What are you waiting for guys? Come and get your sweat treats at Swirls Ice cream Bacolod!

Swirls ice cream is located at Mainstrip Alley, La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City.
Open from 8:30am to 8:00pm, Mondays to Saturdays.


The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any freebies or incentives for this post. All opinions are our own.

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