Filipino Comfort Food

Sandok: Filipino Comfort Food

A friend of ours told us about this new restaurant in Bacolod – Sandok!  This charming restaurant is located in Narra Avenue – Shopping.

From the outside, it is quite easy to miss Sandok as they have a very plain signage and there is nothing special about their store front.  It is very easy to overlook.  Appearances are deceiving as we soon discovered when we entered the restaurant.

Sandok’s exterior.

The inside of Sandok is very cozy and well-lit.  The interior is a quite surprising change from the outside! Everything looks clean and enticing.  The downstairs area is tiny but it is comfortable and charming.

Inside Sandok.

The service was good!  The waitress really took time to explain the menu and the house specials to us.  Based on her suggestions we got the chicken soup, chicken adobo flakes and their sisig.

Chicken Soup, Pork sisig and chicken adobo flakes.

The food is really served fast in this place, it only took a few minutes to prepare our order.  We were impressed at the food presentation and the way the waitress filled our water glasses without prompting.

Our first order, the chicken soup was served really BOILING hot.  You could practically see it bubbling as it was being served.  It had a generous amount of chicken pieces. It was big enough to share with two people.  My friend thought it was a bit salty, it tasted just right for me.

The Chicken Soup.

The Sisig was served to my friend, who is a big eater and a lover of sisig.  He enjoyed it and wished that they had a bigger serving size as he enjoyed it very much.

Pork Sisig

The chicken adobo flakes was a huge hit with my friends. We shared it.  It was delicious!  There was a generous amount of adobo flakes and it was well cooked, not burnt and bitter tasting as some adobo flakes are.  The side dish of Atchara is a nice touch as it adds a little sweetness and a little sourish flavor to the dish.

Chicken Adobo flakes.

Sandok is a nice place to dine.  The service is top notch, the staff is friendly and accommodating.  The soup is a must try!  Congratulations on your opening Sandok!

Sandok is open from 7:30am-8:30pm. They’re located at Capitol Shopping Center, Narra Ave, Brgy.,Villamonte, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental. Telephone number: 703 2513


3 comments on “Sandok: Filipino Comfort Food

  1. how much is the soup, sisig and adobo flakes?

  2. you should also try their sizzling Cansi Steak served with rice. ..

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