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Indian Restaurant: Curries, Samosas and Indian sweets

(We would like to thank pepe (a reader of this blog) for suggesting this place and making this post possible.  Thank you very much pepe! This is a great find!  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE INDIAN RESTAURANT HAS TRANSFERRED LOCATIONS BUT IS STILL LOCATED ON THE SAME STREET.)

Are you hungry for curry?  Can’t get enough of Slumdog Millonaire or bollywood films?  Now you can get the best of each experience at Indian Restaurant!

Indian Restaurant is a hole in the wall carinderia serving Indian food.  It is located near the Brgy Villamonte Baranggay hall.  (Just ask the locals for “ang carinderia kung diin damo bumbay”.  😀  LOL!!  

Indian restaurant. We love the sign. Epic! 😀  One plate of “Vigie Kari” please.

If you are the fussy type or do not like curry/spicy food this place will probably not appeal to you.  If you have an adventurous spirit, you’ll feel at home!  The tiny TV and speakers blast Bhangra and Bollywood pop songs and you’ll dine with Indians coming from their 5-6 expeditions.

Oooh, this place looks like your typical filipino carinderia.
Awesome Indian handwriting is awesome!  Roti!!! Chapati! OMG!

Almost everything in this place is vegetarian since the owner is Hindu.  The must try food in the place is their Samosas which are like Empanadas except that they are filled with a mixture of potatoes green peas and spices.  It’s a bit spicy.

These are the most heavenly Samosas EVER!!! They’re cheap too, 20 pesos and they’re stuffed to overflowing with potatoes.

We tried a samosa then we liked it so much we bought the entire tray to take home!  the samosa comes with a sweet-sour tamarind sauce (seen in the background of this picture) that gives it an extra kick and sourness.  The combination is divine!

This is what’s inside the Samosa.  Delicious!!

The prices are so cheap too!  We ordered everything on the menu just to try a bit.

Chicken biryani rice.
Samosas with tamarind sauce, chicken biryani and fried dough with caraway seeds.
Chickpeas (Garbanzos) in a spicy curry mix.

We also had two curries, chicken curry and a strange curry with chunks of veggiemeat.

Veggiemeat curry. Very strange, soft to the taste like meat but has an unusual aftertaste.

Now after the substantial meal we had another treat in store for us. Indian sweets for dessert.  These are very sweet, very different confections.

We tried asking the owner what these sweet somewhat powdery balls are called but he replied in Hindi so we had to go to Wikipedia.  We think these MIGHT be Laddu and it is made with chickpea (garbanzo) flour!
We don’t know what these bars are! We tried learning the hindi name for these and gave up! We think that this might be Mysore Pak

The most unusual dessert (not pictured here) were some black syrup covered balls with what appeared to be custard inside.  It tasted like fish but it was sweet.  Fish custard!!! :edit: Someone told me that what we had was Gulab Jamun

Once again, thank you to our reader pepe who suggested this wonderful resto.  It is awesome.

(UPDATE: Went back to the Indian restaurant for a samosa and ended up buying the whole tray (again!) Noticed a few things too.

Here’s their menu!!  I want to try their pakora and buttered chicken next time.

The Menu

Finally got a shot of the fish-tasting custard.  The sweets this time were freshly made so it was very good!

Gulab Jamun (far right)


Due to the popularity of this post, the Indian restaurant has moved to a better location and upgraded its facilities.  They really leveled up!

New Location!! Number 432 BS. Aquino drive Brgy Villamonte!  AIRCONDITIONING!!
A professional looking counter and signage.
Biryani rice. Delicious!
Chicken Masala!

49 comments on “Indian Restaurant: Curries, Samosas and Indian sweets

  1. Great review, Martin, about the Indian Restaurant and yes, thanks to Pepe for telling us about the place. We had lunch there yesterday and we really enjoyed it. I ordered goat masala among other dishes.

    I kinda expected Karisma Kapoor to come out dancing at any moment due to the Indian music, lol. Our son did not enjoy the place, saying it is too spicy, so we had to take him to McDo for fried chicken, rice and gravy immediately afterward.

    ~ Gary ~

    • Martin Banana

      Aren’t the samosas great? I love the samosas they’re AWESOME. It is SO funny to hear that you were there YESTERDAY. I have to tell you the OWNER gave us a weird look when we came in. (We had another expat aka white guy in our group) The owner must have wondered “Why are we getting so many white people all of a sudden?” LOL!

  2. Yes, the samosas were great and I really enjoyed all the Indian food. I am sure the owner wondered why two white guys the same day! We were there early, around 1115am and there were several Indians there eating already and drinking White Castle 69 Whiskey. My wife had hot Indian tea with milk. The owner wondered how she knew about it. I don’t think it was on the menu. She was asking for several things not listed. We lived in Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China for 10 years before moving back to Bacolod and my wife knows all about Indian food since she also had some Indian lady friends wherever we lived outside the Philippines.

    I never had any Indian lady friends, lol, but I did have some Indian friends, including a few doctors and the Food and Beverage Manager at the Holiday Inn in Hefei, China.

    ~ Gary ~

    • Martin Banana

      oh you also wrote a review!! I just checked your site! Lol @ your visit. Great writing as usual gary!

    • Martin Banana

      We must have missed each other by minutes!! Lol!! It would have been epic!

  3. Thank you, Martin. Sorry we missed ya there at the Indian Restaurant. I remember seeing you at Trey’s one Sunday but I had no idea that was you at the time.

    I enjoy promoting the Bacolod Area, especially Bacolod City. Many expats are now living in Bacolod and they all seem to have one thing in common, FOOD. I probably eat more Filipino food than most expats but I enjoy other cuisine, too. Thai food is also a favorite of mine, especially Pad Thai Noodles. Imay’s remains my favorite Filipino restaurant in Bacolod.

    I recently discovered a local fish, tonkan, which is like the sea mullet in Florida. That will be my next blog, Smoked Mullet! Smoked Tonkan. It is also good deep fried but not battered. Smoked Mullet is a staple food in the Florida panhandle where I lived for 8 years. Instead of rice, I like fish with white hominy grits, which can be purchased at Cafe Bob’s deli grocery on Lacson.

    ~ Gary ~

  4. Glad it is enjoyed by all you spicy lovers

  5. The best rice in Bacolod

  6. i ate there Aug.11,2012 and was thinking to post this so you guys can check it out but then again you were fast.

  7. sorry it was Aug 4, 2012 and not aug.11, 2012

  8. thanks for the review! Bacolod now has its Indian food fix!

  9. I hope they’ll serve in the future: ladoos, vindaloos, desserts like gulab jamun and khulfi, or vegetarian stuff like palak paneer…mmmm…

  10. is the round orange coconut desert pictured not a ladoo? Vindaloo is a south Indian dish so doubt he will serve it as the cook is from Punjab in the north .

  11. Martin Banana

    yes i edited it last night after some wikipedia researching.. It’s a laddu.

  12. Martin Banana

    I’m getting so fat. For two days now I’ve been buying entire trays of samosas to take to friends and family..

  13. I would like to try there, till what time are they open…?Do some1 know about it???

  14. Their afternoon menu is cooked fresh to order, a few too many bones in the meat dishes but still delicious. Butter chicken is my favourite.

  15. @ Martin. pakora n butter chicken is the same. the only difference is the cutting. pakora is cutlets while butter chicken is leg parts

  16. Thanks for the suggestion! I never knew there existed a place with authentic Indian food. Been wanting to try some. Woah! Expats in Bacolod, eh? Of course you’d become foodies! Bacolodnons love food! 🙂 Different kinds of food everywhere!

    I’ll give you a buzz to try my bbq mushroom rice dish when we’ll start taking orders for delivery.

  17. I I will try this one out when I get back home soon. I have read somewhere that “Carinderia” got its name from Indian food stalls in Manila or somewhere in Luzon during the olden times. Carinderia or the place where they serve “Kari.”

  18. quote “pakora n butter chicken is the same. the only difference is the cutting. pakora is cutlets while butter chicken is leg parts”

    ??? what nonsense! pakora is actually small pieces of marinated chicken, deep fried, they are red and spicy, butter chicken is chicken pieces in a creamy yellow curry sauce, they could not be more different

  19. There is another indian place opening, opposite the triangle at shopping where the sausage and burger place used to be. I just passed it this morning, it is called spice and bites or something like that, It didnt look open yet but i could be wrong, they are throwing restos up everywhere for masskara, like the new masskara chicken house at the old great wok.

    • Martin Banana

      Well that is great news! I do hope it opens soon so we could have another indian place here in Bacolod. We need more restos serving international dishes

  20. Good news, it is open , as of yesterday, had to try it tonight, its really good, had chicken curry at 39 peso that i would expect to pay double for. They also have some japanese, korean, chinese and local dishes, the wife had a great tangigue steak at only 79 peso. Its a thumbs up from me!

  21. Yes indian owners, the waitresses are cute too! haha

  22. QUESTION , i spotted another hole in d wall tonight , on the side street of metrobank in shopping. It looks like a very cute wine bar, the name is , cailda del cal,,, i forgot.

    • It’s Caido del Cielo. They have refreshing shakes there. Fresh ingredients. I’ve tried their Mango Banana Orange shake and it’s tasty! You get a tall glass of shake for only P50.00 but that was last year. I hope they still serve on tall glasses.

  23. Thanks for the advice, it looks really nice, i am surprised i have never seen it before. Ant idea what kind of food they serve?

  24. Hi, have you tried it in Alice’s recipe? I haven’t seen any reviews yet. 🙂 Thank you for posting all your food adventures… i’m in bacolod but has never been to a lot of restos…thanks to you, i know where to go 😉

    • Martin Banana

      Sorry we do not know where Alice’s recipe is but if we get a chance well try it out

  25. opposite metrodome, not tried it either.

  26. The indian place has moved as of today, but good news,i found it again only 100 metres up the road to a newer, air con, much nicer place with a bigger dining area, but they havent put the signage up yet.

    • Martin Banana

      That’s great! The last time I spoke to the indian guy was during December. He said business was booming because of the website (and because of your referral) hopefully the price won’t go up as I prefer the hole-in-the-wall experience.

      If you’re dropping by there anytime soon could you please take a photo of the outside of the new place. I’m currently in Manila 😦

      What are they calling the new place? Are they calling it Dhaliwal as on their menu?

  27. The sign from the old place is there on the floor waiting for the panday to arrive with his ladder and hammer, i think?, So no change in name or signage as far as i know. The samosas are the best 20 peso deal in town.

  28. They are selling shawarma now too!

    • Martin Banana

      How are the prices? Still the same?

      Are there more customers besides the usual group of hairy Indian bikers?

  29. Prices… well they seemed to change the price every visit but on last visit chicken curry had gone up to 60 peso, last month i got a bigger one for 35. No consistency. They have a new a la carte menu with the same plus a few new dishes, egg curry for one. Prices have gone up on mains, eg butter chicken is now 200 not 90 so i presume the order is much bigger one. Samosa is still 20.

  30. Very informative, I will definitely try it out.

  31. Ida Vecino

    Reblogged this on Operation 101: Explore Life and commented:
    Because my eyes stick to the restaurant sign every time we pass by. Must try this summer!

  32. rafael javellana

    the indian restaurant is now closed for business , went there this afternoon to buy Somoza to my surprise it is closed.

  33. Yes it is now closed for good. Just got off the phone with the owner. Not enough customers, SO SAD!

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