Greeno’z Pizzaria: Pizza in a kubo!

The wind was a torrent of darkness upon the gusty trees…

… as the Bacolod food hunters drove to Alijis to eat at Greeno’z Pizza.  It was stormy weather and everyone was in high spirits.

Greeno’z Pizza is located at Alijis near the Jade court Motel.  It was a Bahay Kubo type restaurant serving a swiss-italian pizza!!  What a combination!

Greeno’z Pizza

Since it was a saturday night, the place was packed! There were about 30 people in a little kubo restaurant.  We found out that the Bacolod Association of Models were having a little drinking party there!

We found a table and placed our order.  Mike warned us that the food would take a long time to arrive.  I couldn’t help but notice Greeno’zs delivery motorcycle being loaded with huge pizza delivery boxes.

After about 30 minutes of waiting, Our Pizza arrived.  It was Huge!

Huge Pizza!

Just to show how big the Pizza was, Mike and Smile clowned around a bit.

Mike! There’s lots to go around! Don’t start without us!
Look at how big the Pizza is! Almost as wide as Mike!

Bacolod seems to be in a HUGE pizza craze which I think began with Mamma Maria’s pizza and Papa Giorgio’s.  The Bigger the Pizza, the better. People in Bacolod want good value for their money which is why giant pizza chains in bacolod  have thrived and have a chokehold on the “commercial” pizza chains such as Pizza Hut and Greenwich.

Greeno’z doesn’t break new ground in terms of flavor or innovation but it is one of the Pizza chains in Bacolod serving gigantic Pizzas.  Perfect for parties and drinking sessions.


Greeno’z has opened a branch beside Imay’s. Have fun eating in a Kubo hut eating pizza. LOL. Talk about fil-italian fusion!


25 comments on “Greeno’z Pizzaria: Pizza in a kubo!

  1. interesting blog here.

    nag labay lang kag nag basa…

  2. daw okey lang ang taste, service is not that good though. good place for hiding though. hehehe

  3. thats why i said that its not very innovative!


    thanks for the comment!


  4. I should check out this place when i get home by december….great reviews

  5. I’ve been to this pizza place too. My friends in Alijis took me there one afternoon in May, 2007. I think it had a different name then… Renz’ or Renzo’s … something. Basta, it was not yet Greeno’s, but it’s the same little kubo near the bridge that connects to the back of Goldenfields Complex. They have various flavors of pizza.

  6. tanx for advertising greenoz!HMMNMNMNM,.,.

  7. what is the landline number of greenos?

    • The telephone number are 434-4294/476-1311/0909-4195726/0915-7237053,greenoz alijis,476-4458/0928-4894686,6th st. lacsons,433-1482/09214449921 east branch near gov’t center.If you have any questions,problems,or complaints regarding our services,kindly feel free to call up the undersigned,so we can attend to them as immediately as we can.thank you very much for your continued patronage and rest be assured that we will exert all our efforts to improve our services.

      • last december..because of too much demand sang pizza sa greeno’s may mga customers nga ga-reklamo..i was even there when a customer from “greensville i think..” demanded for a refund but the pizza has already been delivered. it was dec31..his reason was he ordered earlier that day around 4PM and was promised that it will be delivered by 8PM that night..frankly speaking with all of their commotions ..mas napahiya pa nila ang kanilang sarili coz nagmumura pa esp the husband…i was even saying “eh ako nga na kahapon pa nagpareserve and should be picked it up on dec31 9PM hindi nga nagrereklamo na almost an hour na ring naghihintay..” point is if its for customers satisfaction medyo palyado nga ang greenos doon but for us who enjoyed that pizza during the new years eve it was worth it♥ coz sorry na lng sa nagreturn coz actually pinag-aagwan pa ng iba pang customers ung sinoli nyo! hai naku bagong taon! dapat magbago na rin kayo sir! for greenos medyo galingan pa sa customer service..thanks for posting this number btw! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

      • hi gud eve can i ask how much the very big pizza . . and whats the flavor

  8. mimi Chua

    love this page!!! i had a hard time hunting for your number… your pizza is superb!!!

  9. Thanks for posting the number!

  10. [§ky]Ice

    hahaha..our family orders this pizza almost everyday..nice pizza..just add a little cheeze..for short its okay >:)

  11. The best pizza s0 far…We we’re in 6th street Lacson last night and I missed this since I’m already based here in Manila…Very crisp and the flavor is ohhh s0 go0d..I can still have it’s after taste whilst I’m already here in Manila….Greenos is the shiznit!

  12. team ninja

    mas namit kesa sa mama marias!puro harina ang mama marias!ang greenoz ya puro unod!SULIT!i wonder y lacson branch doesn’t serve side dishes??

  13. team ninja

    furthermore,na law-ayan na q sang ambiance sang new location nla sa lacson kay kasanag na!first time q gid nakita ang full image sang pizza and calzone kay sa old loc nila pirti ka dulom which is very good.PADULOM MODE mas mayo.

  14. saan ko po ma kikita yung number nyo??? plzz repz!

    • deannabcd

      The telephone number are 434-4294/476-1311/0909-4195726/0915-7237053,greenoz alijis,
      476-4458/0928-4894686,6th st. lacsons,
      433-1482/09214449921 east branch near gov’t center.

  15. mark national

    Dear.manager: m
    I would like you to know about our great experience in your store.yesterday sept 6.First impresion was excted,but when we start ordering the waiter come in with unpleasant face,then they asked the waiter for water but saddenly no response,dedma lg waiter nio!
    i hope that you will give them an seminar on how to treat the customer properly.service was definetly devastating. .haizt.

  16. Kenneth Alerta

    I wish they had love and kisses pizza here in bacolod!!! i miss the crush and the way the cheese does not melt!!

  17. hello…my family had a nice smorgasboard of a pizza when we visited their mandalagan branch….its great,they have this 4 or 3 flavors i guess in an order,a family size i think…FANTASTIC!!hope theres more dishes to order to go with pizza…GOOD JOB GREENOZ!

  18. I’ve recently discover your blog but can’t seem to understand the ratings. You say the pizza doesn’t break new ground – so the 5 star rating is only for the gigantic size? I’d like to know if the pizza itself is delicious.

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