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Saning’s – Orgasmic Linaga

Saning’s is a small eatery in Banago, Bacolod. When I say eatery, i mean that little carinderia where the blue-collared citizens usually go to for satisfying their hunger rather than seeking a fine culinary experience. The area around Saning’s is a farmer’s and fish market. But then again, we’re not here for the ambiance but for the BEST LINAGA SOUP (beef stew) i have ever had . Ever!

The moment you step in this little place, you are greeted by 3 big cauldrons of hot soup over a charcoal clay pot. If you go here for lunch, you’d be lucky to have a seat as this place is usually full from 11:30 – 1:00 pm.

If you are of the uppity-snob-type and can’t deal with proletariat furnishings, then this place ain’t for you. Its not air conditioned. The tables and chairs are made of plastic, and if you really are the classy type, i’m sure you’ll never even find yourself in this part of the neighborhood. But being a food hunter, we boldly go where no “cheffer” has gone before!

The Menu is as follows:

Paras – Beef Ribs

Unod – Beef Cubes

Bendungo – Beef Tripe

Ahi – Spleen

Perpilla – Beef Intestines

You order the above parts to be the main meat of your linaga soup. The same soup based is used for all.

For the Saning’s experience, we always order the house specialty, PARAS. A single order is good for 2 people, but you usually say “Manang, paras for 3!” Depends on how many you are. I have friends who can eat like 2 to 3 persons, so adjust accordingly.

The Paras beef is excellent. The beef literally falls off the bone. An evidence that it has been brewing in the pot for several hours. The soup base is incredible! It’s sweet with a distinctive flavor of crushed bones that can only be described as SANING’s! The soup base also has tanglad, onion leaves, ginger, garlic and other herbs. It all blends very well in this tsunami of flavors that enter your mouth. After the first sip, you will definitely go for more. Sili (pepper) is available for you to crush and mix with the soup base and there is a method for doing it properly. We crush 3 peppers on the 3 corners of the bowl for that extra added kick in spiciness. A serving of rice is served in a plastic bag. The rice in the plastic bags that are not eaten will not be charged to you. A way to combat the looming rice shortage.

The eatery is not air conditioned and it is not exactly a place where you’d like to stay and have a chat. When you sip the hot soup during lunch, be prepared to sweat! Bacolod heat is humid and being out for lunch feels like going to the sauna. People just come to eat and run. I think its a strategy to keep the tables moving.

Saning’s has such a loyal following that our dear friend, Robbie, ate here for lunch everyday for 2 months straight. He even offered Tiya Saning if he could franchise the establishment. Sadly, Tiya Saning declined saying that she just purchased 3 new electric fans and was thus hesitant to enter another business investment. 🙂 Keep tryin’ Robbie.

The food here is truly excellent and service is very fast. For me, this is indeed an ORGASMIC LINAGA. “Orgasmic” level is that level of extraordinary deliciousness that would take you to the heights of pleasure!!! NGYAAAHH. I have had a many culinary orgasms in life but most of them are ordinarily out of reach like Kobe Beef steak and russian caviar. Its good to know then that everytime I go home to Bacolod, Saning’s will always be there with a hot pot of butter-soft beef stew. Most recommended after a night of heavy drinking.

The only disadvantage of Saning’s is location and facilities. But for food hunters like me, i’m really there for the food and i don’t mind going to hell for it if i can find the best beef stew there. The price may also surprise you because it is actually not so cheap. An order of Paras good for two can is at around P 180.00 and the Unod (Beef cubes) is at P 60.00. For a party of four we spend around P 500. By no means is that cheap for Bacolod and for an eatery. But at P 500 bucks, you will be so full when you get out that you’d just wanna sleep. Snake mode on.

Try to stop by when you can. If you transcend the physical aesthetics of the eatery, you’ll find it to be a worthwhile dining experience.

We love you Tiya Saning!


bcdfoodboy is a true son of Bacolod. Though he has been to many places, his heart will only truly belong to the City of Smiles. He loves everything about Bacolod. The food and the people are indeed Bacolod's greatest assets. bcdfoodboy's passion for food drives him to wherever he can go to eat it. He has an adventurous palette and was once hospitalized for eating food he didn't know he was allergic to. It is but a testament to his character that he will try anything once. If its good, he'll eat it over and over again.

14 comments on “Saning’s – Orgasmic Linaga

  1. bcdfoodseeker

    What an interesting choice as the first post of this blog! Hahahaha, it truly captures the essence of being a food hunter. Obscure foods that will blow your mind. Awesome!

    Saning’s…. wow, what can I say? To call this food is an insult. It is a more like a work of art. It is likened to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, or Michaelangelo’s David, or even Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It is the MAGNUM OPUS of “Linaga-dom”!

    Just to add my two cents, the specialty is Paras. And it’s not actually Beef ribs; the literal meaning is “meat near the bone”. That is why it is so juicy, tender, soft, orgasmic. What bcdfoodboy said, is dead on.. It literally falls of the bone! WOW! Delicious.

    So, if you find out that you’re on a trip to Bacolod, and can stand a not-so-pleasant-surrounding to an eatery, then Saning’s is the place! It truly is a “NGYAAAHHH” experience.


  2. Hi!

    Can you please provide us driving instructions to Saning’s coming from Robinson’s Mall?

    We are from Manila and have been living here in Bacolod since April due to our work assignment. We’ve been looking for great local places to eat aside from the restaurants as we love love love experiencing the place through it’s local food!


  3. hi modista. sent you a map (e-mail.)

  4. my brother brought us here once! after that, I never knew how to go back to Saning’s on my own. the cansi places at Shopping are overrated, says my brother, and i couldn’t agree more.

    i have to eat at Saning’s when I come home.

    and, i miss the term “cheffer.” haha. great job, guys.

  5. hey, send me a map, too. haha thanks a Lot!

  6. Cullinary Monarch

    I enjoyed sucking the marrow out of thy bones! One hell of an experience indeed.
    But hey, I sooo enjoyed reading this.

  7. I ate once there at Saning and has been keep coming back for their Perpilla ever since.

  8. wow kanamit!, thanks for the post this is very helpful as i am will soon begin my quest for good food and this one will surely top my list…hay daw gingutom na ko.

  9. Kruger D Boogernut

    SANING RULES!!! Berry Blue is a genius.

  10. @martin et al, great review! How I wish I could borrow some of your eloquence and humor in reviewing foodies! Love very bit of it! keep it up!

  11. haha, berryblue, what’s with the mask? sana makasabay ako sa foodhunters when i go to visit bacolod may 4-9 🙂

  12. march 4-9 pala…7 days na lang!!!

  13. Yes this Beef nilaga of Saning is the dish of the gods!

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