BacTrac Contact Tracing

How to register your Establishment with the Bacolod City COVID-19 Contact Tracing (BaCTrac) or the Region XII COVID-19 Contact Tracing System

Here’s our tutorial on registering your Establishment with the BaCTrac Contact Tracing System or the Region XII Covid-19 Contact Tracing System. This system replaces the logbook to log visitors. There’s some steps that you have to do.

You will need: An android phone to serve as the scanner with WIFI or DATA Connection. Sorry Iphones not allowed.

Step one: Visit the official website

You will need to go to

Simply type that into your phones browser or into your desktop browser. then register.

Step two: Set up your admin account

You will need to set up your business admin account. DO NOT FOOL AROUND with this and make sure that your email address and information is correct. After setting it up and submitting the form, you will get a confirmation message and get taken back to the main page.

Step three: Install the app

Now that you’ve got the app, it’s time to download the app from Google play.

Head to the play store and look for the REGION 12 CCTS LOGGER. Press Install and once done, open up the app.

Step four: Open the app and allow permissions.

Open up the app and just say yes to everything. Allow it to access the camera, location services and all that. YOU MUST ALLOW IT OTHERWISE IT IS USELESS

Step 5: It’s time to scan some QR CODES.

Simply press scan and point the camera at a customer’s QR code on his/her ID.

Very important steps coming up! YOU MUST SYNC YOUR DATA!

You’ve scanned all the customers going in and out of your store. YOU MUST UPLOAD/SYNC your records to the main server of BACTRAC. This will serve as your establishment record book.

You will see the number of customer records you need to sync on the lower left.

Oh no, Papa Bing will be angry we have an unsynced record!

Simply tap on the Green sync icon on the lower right to sync your data.

Just tap it to sync your data. The phone that you use must have an internet (data) connection or wifi access. Don’t forget to sync your records at the end of the day or when there is free time.

Press ok!

Final STEP: Relax, you’re all done! Thank you for being a good Citizen and Responsible business owner!

You will get a confirmation message if your Data Sync is successful. You can also see if you have unsynced records.

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