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Kape Kuneho Rabbit Farm: Play with rabbits in this farm at Concepcion, Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines!

Pet lovers, Kape Kuneho Rabbit Farm is a special pet cafe and farm that lets you play with rabbits while enjoying a cup of Coffee! It’s amazing to see how many speciality cafes we have in Negros Occidental Philippines.

Kape kuneho is the second rabbit pet cafe in Negros Occidental. The first rabbit pet cafe is MM’s bunny cafe which was renamed to Bunny Cafe PH. (We’ve written about them in this article. Click here!)

If you think rabbits are cute, get a load of the rare and exotic breeds you will meet at Kape Kuneho rabbit farm! Read more below!

The grounds of Kape Kuneho.

Kape Kuneho rabbit farm is located in Barangay Concepcion, Talisay City Negros Occidental. Barangay Concepcion is famous for its fruit trees of lansones, rambutan and durian.

Kape Kuneho rabbit farm has a large area with several pet enclosures. The management of Kape Kuneho keeps a few rabbits at a time in these enclosures so guests can interact with them.


The owner is very friendly and will show you around and give you a mini tour of Kape kuneho Rabbit Farm. There are rabbits roaming the grounds so you will be surprised to see how fast these rabbits can run and jump!

The owner with his bunnies!
A rabbit digging a hole in the garden.

Kape Kuneho Rabbit Farm is a great place to take your kids. Kape Kuneho is a kid friendly cafe. Kids can pet the bunnies and see how they behave in real life. Petting the rabbits teaches the kids empathy and appreciation for nature.

There is sanitizer available at Kape Kuneho and you can also wash your hands. It is prudent to wear insect repellent as Kape Kuneho Rabbit Farm has plenty of plants and trees that may attract insects.

Fluffy Bunnies

There are several low tables at Kape Kuneho that have “on duty” rabbits. Kape Kuneho Rabbit Farm avoids stressing their rabbits by having “shifts” for them. After a few hours of interaction, the rabbits are put back into their hutches to rest.

The bigger enclosures house rabbits that love basking in the sun. Several young rabbits were here during the time when we visited.


Kape Kuneho sells rabbits too so if you find a rabbit that you like, you can take it home.

Rabbits are pretty easy to take care of however it is not advised to have other pets like dogs or cats that may frighten the rabbits. These cuddly critters get stressed pretty easily.


Some rabbits have long fur that must be properly washed and combed in order to remove dirt and knots. Rabbits are a good first pet for children because they are tame and easy to handle.

So cute!

One variety of rabbit that you will see in Kape Kuneho Rabbit farm is the lionhead rabbit. Since Kape Kuneho is a petting cafe, you have the opportunity to view this rare kind of rabbit up close. It resembles a lion because the lionhead rabbit has a mane or tuft of fur around its head.

A lionhead rabbit

Kape Kuneho has also freshly picked fruits like rambutan (when in season) for their guests. Just ask the owner.


Getting to Kape Kuneho Rabbit Farm is a challenge because the owner gives very vague directions. We managed to reach it by calling the owner several times when we reached Barangay Concepcion.

We were finally able to reach our destination but not without some stress. A proper address with lot, street and block numbers would have been nice.

The owner is very active on social media so please phone or message ahead before you try visiting Kape Kuneho.

Kape Kuneho Rabbit Farm is generally open everyday since the owner lives on the premises. Call ahead for reservations:

The contact number of Kape Kuneho Rabbit farm is : 0939 172 6910

Here’s our video of our visit to Kape Kuneho!


The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging. This article was created before ECQ. That’s why the kids are not wearing masks.

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