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Fine dining at Anne Bistro

We went to Anne Bistro – the newest fine dining restaurant in Bacolod City! If you’re a fan of cooking shows or even if you’re not – you really must try Anne Bistro’s delicious gourmet food.


Anne Bistro is located at corner Aguinaldo and 12th street.  The restaurant itself is a converted old house. There’s lots of parking and the area is well lit.

Ann Bistro’s parking lot.

Once inside you will be amazed by the simplicity and elegance of Anne bistro’s interior.  The restaurant has plenty of  open space where guests and staff can comfortably move around in.  The warm lighting and the pleasant contrast between the white ceiling and the earth tones of the floor gives the place a pleasant, comfortable feel.


Seating is simple- scattered throughout the restaurant are cozy nooks like these which have cushioned seating. Perfect for a little privacy with your friends and family.

You’re in for a treat when you dine at Anne bistro – look carefully at your dining implements- they’re rose gold plated. Wow! What a nice touch!


The main highlight of the restaurant is its amazing restaurant that is readily visible from the dining area. You can watch and admire the chefs skills and artistry as they prepare your food.

I really like that everything is squeaky clean. What a beautiful kitchen!

Impressive and beautiful.

We placed our orders and while we were waiting all the guests in the restaurant were served a mini pulled pork appetizer on a clay tile. A nice gesture.


We began with some appetizers beginning with the remarkable Oyster popcorn.

I’m a fan of the Chinese dish Oyster pancake so I thoroughly loved the taste of this dish.  Oysters that are battered and deep fried and served with spicy mayo.

Oyster popcorn – 145 php

The oysters puffed up during the cooking process so they have a very light crispy texture.  The distinct taste of oyster is still present although I wished that there was a little more spicy mayo.

We quite liked the Vietnamese Fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce. 

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls – 165 php

It’s a very light vegetable appetizer consisting of clear rice noodles, shrimp and assorted vegetables all wrapped up in a rice paper roll. It’s a good, healthy dish.

The Chicken tacos came in a stainless steel zig-zag plate. We noticed at this point that each plate is different for each dish and each course.  The spring rolls came served on a plate with ridged textures while the oyster popcorn came on a clay tile.  The variety of textures and dishes make the food visually appealing!

Chicken Tacos – 155 php

Porchetta is one of Anne bistro’s main dishes. Porchetta basically is rolled up pork belly and it tastes a little bit like lechon.  Anne bistro’s version is cooked sous-vide for 12 hours and served with pickled mangoes and pilaf rice. (according to their menu)

Porchetta – 410 php

It’s hard not to like porchetta – crisp, crackling pork is irresistible! I liked the grilled carrot slices and the pickles as well as the exquisite liver sauce!  The sauce was full of the rich distinct taste of liver, very refined and smooth, almost like a liver pate. It really went very well with the porchetta. I wish there was more of it. I’m wondering if they sell the stuff in bottles – it’s good enough to take home or give as presents!

Winner, winner the sauce of liver!

The fish rendang came in a tin lunch tray – my friends thought it looked a little childish but I explained to them that serving food in trays like these is almost de rigeur in Indian restaurants. There was a variety of things in the trays slots. There was a small salsa, some yogurt sauce, naan and pickles.

Fish Rendang – 420 php

The fish itself is excellent. Chunks of blue marlin in a curry sauce.

Fish curry!

The dish came with naan – a flat indian bread. I was pleased that the naan looked and tasted just like the naan my Indian friend’s mom makes.  I had to teach my friends how to best eat their fish rendang.  Break off a piece of bread and put a little of fish, yogurt, salsa and pickles.


As a bonus – I had opted to swap out rice for Polenta instead.  Polenta is a sort of porridge made from corn.  Anne bistro serves a good polenta – it is thick and rich with the distinct taste of corn. Very good as a rice substitute.

Corn polenta – 55 php

We enjoyed our visit to Anne bistro –  There’s a LOT more exciting dishes to try on their menu. We certainly will be back.

Note: Prices reflect the quality of the food.

Ann Bistro is located at 12th street, corner Aguinaldo Street Bacolod City.

Closed on Mondays

Open 11 am – 10pm Tuesday to Thursday and 11am – 11pm Friday – Sunday.

Telephone number:

09155636973 / (034) 445-4415


The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive and accept any freebies or get paid in exchange for this review. 


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