Los Trez Amigos: Mexican Latino restaurant in Bacolod city

Hey Bacolod! There’s this new Mexican restaurant in town! Los Trez Amigos is a new home-style restaurant serving Mexican, Latino and Filipino food. The owner Dave Garcia is a Puerto Rican who decided to share his love of food with the people of Bacolod City.  It took him quite a while but Dave, together with his wife Jasmine Garcia converted their house into a restaurant and began serving his famous smoked ribs, smoked hamburgers, tacos and chicken!

The Interior of Los Trez Amigo.

Los Trez Amigos can comfortably seat 30+ people in its main air conditioned dining area.  There’s a huge, wall length mural of the main street of Puerto Rico painted on the side of the walls.

Dave and Jasmine Garcia of Los Trez Amigo

Since Dave prepares everything himself, there’s a bit of a wait for the food to arrive.  But once the wait is over the food is totally worth it!

Burrito, Soft Tacos and ribs!

Tostones are a traditional Puerto Rican snack made with plantains. Los Trez Amigos’ version is topped with real Spanish sausage, parsley, smoked pork and cheese. 

Delicious and addicting! Three pieces (I already ate one) for 65php.

Fancy a soft Taco? You can have your choice of Smoked beef, chicken or pork.

Beef Taco 85 php

A must try when you visit Los Trez Amigos are their smoked ribs and chicken! Dave uses hickory or mesquite wood chips and smokes the ribs for three hours until they are soft and fall-off the bone tender.  The distinct smoky taste of mesquite  and hickory is present in every bite.

Hickory Smoked Pork Ribs with Spanish Sauce and Rice 170 php

The Smoked Chicken legs and wings are a good deal because you can chose to have them come  with a side dish of potato salad.

Smoked chicken legs with Potato Salad and spanish rice. 150 php

The smoked Chicken wings are very tender after being slow cooked in the smoker for three hours!

Soft and Tender Smoked chicken wings

Los Trez Amigo also has desserts on its menu. We tried their Lemon Cheese cake and found it to be just okay for the price.

Lemon Cheese Cake 75 php per slice.

Los Trez Amigos is currently on its soft opening and the staff are still learning the ropes. Be patient especially when it comes to the food because everything is slow cooked personally by the owners. You will have a tiny wait.  It would be best if you would call ahead and order so that when you arrive the food will be ready!

Here’s what Dave himself has to say about his food! Come and try his restaurant now!


The Bacolod Food hunters did not receive any freebies, money or incentives from Los Tres Amigos. 

Los Trez Amigos is located at Lot 35, block 17 Phi street, Greensville 1 south, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines 6100.

Opens Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5:00 pm to 10:00pm

Telephone number: (034) 708 5268



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