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Anywhere Asian: Amazing Asian Dishes at affordable prices

9th Streat Food zone is a new food park along Lacson street. This place has a lot of establishments catering to students and people on a budget.

9th Streat Food Zone is very pretty at night.

Budget food doesn’t always mean poor quality food.  There are lots of different restaurants here that offer more than the usual student meals.

Anywhere Asian

Anywhere Asian is a restaurant that tries to bring affordability and quality together. They’ve got interesting Asian concept food.  They’re currently on their soft opening so they have only a few dishes but what they have is pretty good.

The Interior of Anywhere Asian – coming soon are Chinese buns, maki and a lot more.

Their best selling meal is General Tso’ chicken. It’s a dish consisting of deep fried chicken bites drizzled with a generous amount of a sweetish-spicy sauce.  It is quite good.  The dish can feed around 2 people. They also have rice toppings priced at 89 php if you feel you need smaller portions.

General Tso’s chicken 140 php 

For those wanting a Korean Fix, we recommend their Kimchi Omu rice with Bulgogi. The dish is rice cooked with kimchi so it becomes a little spicy and topped with an omelet with beef, onions and a orange garnish that we think were crabsticks(?).  The manager advised us to mix it all up!  It turned out to be quite great!

Kimchi Omu rice with Bulgogi 149 php

Anywhere Asian really stands out among the myriad student-centered restaurants in 9th streat Food Zone. Their dishes seem a little bit more filling and substantial than the rest.  The food is not 100% authentic but “Filipinized” to suit the Filipino palate – which is not such a bad thing in itself.   We will come back to try their new dishes once they’re on the menu.

If you’re looking for a place to dine that is easy on your pocket try Anywhere Asian. They also accept deliveries! Telephone number below.

Anywhere Asian

9th Streat Food Zone

Telephone number: 09085583646 / 09422576787

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any incentives, money or freebies from Anywhere Asian for this review.




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