Coco Jen’s – The best Fresh Chinese Lumpia in Bacolod is Back!

Try the best Chinese Lumpia in Bacolod! Coco Jen’s fresh Chinese Lumpia is back! 

We’ve previously written about Coco Jen a few years ago and we were sad to hear that Jenny Coo (the owner) had to close her shop due to family matters.  But ever since we wrote that article about Jen, she’s been busy – at one point getting invited to Thailand and getting interviewed by the Malaysian food Channel.

Now Coco Jen is back and her new stall is at Licuala Grandis – the warehouse food park along CL Montelibano street that everyone is talking about!

Jenny Coo at her food stall in Licuala Grandis.

Fame hasn’t gotten to her head – Jenny Coo remains as humble and as sweet as ever.


What makes Jen’s Lumpia so Special? It’s the amazing blend of finely shredded peanuts, vegetables, egg and seaweed which combine together to make that delicious umami taste combination.

Coco Jen makes her famous Lumpia.

One of the best things about Jen is that she doesn’t  scrimp on ingredients.  Your lumpia comes fully packed!

Jen spreads some crushed peanuts on to that lumpia.

Jen only makes a certain set amount of Lumpia per day. She’s only there until her Lumpia sells out – which is very very quickly. We recommend calling  ahead for your orders. Telephone number (09173000270)

P_20170819_145406 (1)
Coco Jen’s Lumpia ready to be bought!

Immediately after opening, Coco Jen’s stall is mobbed by hungry customers – including us! We’re eager to taste that delicious Chinese Lumpia once again!


Taste test – It’s just as good as ever! Very healthy Chinese style Lumpia.  It’s low salt, low fat and extremely addicting too!  

Coco Jen’s chinese Lumpia 60 php each

Coco Jen is open from 1030am until supplies last.

Mon to Saturday at Licuala Grandis Food Park. (CL Montelibano Avenue Corner Kamunsil street)

Telephone number: 09173000270



Licuala Grandis is located at the Old Vitarich animal feeds warehouse which they’ve converted into a food park!



The Bacolod Food Hunters did not receive any Freebies or incentives from Coco Jen for this review – We believe in high quality, honest blogging. 

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