HisBrew Cafe

HisBrew Cafe is a cafe located at 26-06 Margarita street (Main road) of Eroreco Subdivision, a couple of blocks away from the popular Pamilya Grill which is also on the same road.


Students are the primary clients of HisBrew Cafe and they come because HisBrew has good, cheap food as well as a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  It is also far away from prying eyes of teachers or fellow students so HisBrew Cafe has quickly become a popular student tambayan.  The Eroreco-Central market jeep plies its route directly in front of the cafe so USLS college, San Agustin, Saint Scholastica and West Negros University are readily accessible.

We went for dinner and the food was decent – simple and low priced. Nothing was particularly spectacular but the meals are good enough for its student clientele.

Dinner!  Grilled Chicken with Asian sauce (sweet chili) and Back ribs

The grilled chicken – priced at a low 85 pesos was just ok. It came on a sizzling plate with a generous helping of chili.  The back ribs were a little bland but staff gave us plenty of extra sauce to make up for it.

Grilled chicken with Asian sauce 85 php


Grilled Baby Back ribs

HisBrew’s chicken sandwich was a good bargain at 70 php. It came with plenty of french fries – 90% of the plate.  It was practically a meal in itself already.


HisBrew also serves, coffee, frappes and several coffee based drinks. I opted to try their Shirley temple which was Sprite with a few squirts of grenadine syrup. It was ok.

Shirley Temple

HisBrew Cafe is open from 9am to 9pm Mondays to Saturday.

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