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Learn how to advertise your Bacolod Business on Facebook using only your smartphone!

Is your business in need of customers?  Here’s a guide on how to advertise your business on Facebook!  It’s easy and fast – all you need is your smartphone and a Facebook account!

Advertising on Facebook is the best way to quickly reach a lot of customers. A lot of people use Facebook and Facebook itself has created tools to help you establish your presence online.

Step 1. Create a Facebook Page for your business

Facebook allows you to create a Page for your business.  This Page is your “digital storefront”. Potential customers can view your products and promos easily. It’s not hard to get started – all you need is a smartphone and a Facebook account (which I am sure you have.)

Download an app called Facebook Pages Manager. Once it’s installed, open it.



Step 2: After opening the app, simply tap on create page.

In this picture I already have two pages.  Thank you Kabbara Cafe Inc. for allowing me to use your page in this demo. 



Step 3: Simply Fill in the blanks!

Fill in the name of your business, The category, and the address and contact information and click on Get Started.



Congratulations! Now your business has a page on Facebook! It’s so easy!

It’s looking very empty at the moment so pretty it up by uploading pictures and add content!




Look at how pretty your page could look once you’ve uploaded a cover photo and a profile photo! It looks very inviting to customers!

Here I’ve asked permission from Kabbara Cafe to show you guys what their facebook page looks like on a smartphone.


Now you can start posting your products and at the bottom of your posts you can see how many people have viewed your products.

  • Invite your friends to like your page.

  • Keep your page updated often with pictures, promos and news to capture the interest of people.



If you’d like, You can also BOOST your post to get more potential customers.

Boosting is the act of paying Facebook to show your product or your page on the newsfeed of people.  This allows you to get a lot of potential customers in a short amount of time.

You’ll need a credit card for this.

Simply CREATE A POST then at the bottom of the post click on the BOOST post button.

Once you’ve clicked it, this window will appear.


You’ll need to TARGET customers in order to increase your potential customers.

For example, you are a restaurant in Bacolod City so you’d want to:

  • Run the advertisement to people who are currently in Bacolod city

  • People who are interested in restaurants

    • This will increase the probability that you will get customers to your restaurant or your product!


Simply Fill in the Region, Interests, Gender and set your the age of people you want to see your ad. It’s easy and simple!



If you look at the bottom you can see that even just paying 120 pesos (minimum amount) can already reach 2,900 to 7,600 potential customers!

Let’s Look at how Effective boosting a post was for our example Kabbara Cafe who gladly provided us with figures.



That’s 24, 687 people who saw the post and 2068 clicks!!  Also, there was 1,500 likes!!  As you can see, Facebook is a VERY EFFECTIVE TOOL IN ADVERTISING YOUR BUSINESS!


You don’t need to pay someone to promote your product or your restaurant.

You’ve just learned how to do it – it’s so simple!  You’ll save money doing it yourself and you can adjust it at any time to your liking.

Facebook is more effective than bloggers.

Have you been approached in Bacolod by bloggers looking for a handout or claiming they can do a lot for your business?  Avoid dealing with them.  Facebook is simply more effective than them and more economical.  No need to spend thousands for a dinner party when a simple photo of your product boosted on Facebook can do wonders.

Everybody is on Facebook.

You have a huge audience and potential customers waiting for you!  A lot of people have smartphones or personal computers.  Creating a Facebook page for your business is practically a necessity in today’s smartphone world.

Keep your page visitors informed.

Always post new pictures and information to your Facebook page. New content keeps people interested and happy. By doing this you have a bigger chance to convert those “likes” and “shares” into actual, physical customers.

Thanks For Reading and Good luck with selling on Facebook!

If you’ve got any questions then feel free to add your question here in the comments! I will be willing to answer any or refer you to Facebook tutorials for more information.


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