Puntos restolounge : Affordable meals and gaming.

A game shop combined with cheap affordable food?  That sounds like a winning combination.  G5 – a collectible card game store has teamed up with Puntos to create a place where people can play their games and have good food at the same time.  Located at B.S. Aquino drive, right in front of the Redemptorist church, Puntos is very accessible to students and gamers.


Puntos Restolounge has a billard table as well as tables set up for collectible card and board games. Game nights and card tournaments happen here!


Puntos restolounge has amazingly cheap prices. Most of their dishes are below 100 pesos! Very affordable and cheap – since most of its primary clientele are students.

We tried their giant chicken katsu burger – A fried chicken patty in a giant bun with cabbage and a teriyaki sauce.

Chicken Katsu burger. (99 php)

The sandwich itself was very basic, the bread is not that good but surprisingly as a whole, the sandwich is filling and satisfying.  I found myself liking it very much as I am a fan of chicken sandwiches.  Nakakabusog siya.   For a budget dish, this one exceeded expectations.

We love sisig and we are always on the lookout for the opportunity to try new versions of sisig.  Since the menu items are so cheap we found ourselves ordering a combo of sisig and grilled porkchop.


Honey chili pork ribs (79 php) and pork sisig with rice (65 php)


The porkchop is okay – but what we really liked was the sisig!  It had lots of liver and served with a nice creamy sauce that was very addicting! Gosh, this is a really nice sisig.  For 65 php, Puntos restolounge has a winner on their hands.  This is surprisingly good!

We liked it so much we ordered another sisig! Mmmm. For science!


The sisig had ample amounts of liver, garlic and the together with the white sauce was a good combination.  The sisig tasted fantastic to me and the green peppers weren’t too spicy. They added an extra zing and flavor.


Puntos restolounge sisig. 65 php – good value.


There is quite a crowd at puntos whenever there are game nights but the gamers themselves are polite and give way to dining customers.  They are helpful and eager to recommend their favorite dishes to you – a gamer enthusiastically recommended I try the pork tonkatsu on my next visit. I will certainly return and try out more things on their menu!

Happy gamers!


Try out Puntos restolounge!  You could get in contact with them via their facebook page.  They are open from 10am-10pm. Contact number is 432-08-24



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