D’z wings fine sauces and dips

D’z wings is finally open!  Our most awaited restaurant has finally opened its doors to the public at the brand new 888 Chinatown mall in Bacolod!

D’z wings specializes in chicken wings and their amazing array of flavors and dips!  They’ve got every kind of dip and chicken wing sauce that can satisfy the most sophisticated palate.  The sauces that D’z has are Garlic Parmesan, Korean Gochujang, Buffalo, Mango Spicy Twist, Teriyaki, Hawaiian and Cheezy.  Whew!  That’s a lot of flavors!

We ordered the W1 wing meal which is 250g of wings and their BM12 wings with french fries.


We tried the Korean Gochujang sauce (L) and the Mango Spicy twist sauce! (R). They are awesome!!

We loved the tangy taste of the Mango Spicy twist sauce.  The mango flavored wings were sweetish and just had a hint of spice to them.  It went so well with the crispy wings.  The Korean Gochujang wings were pleasantly spicy for me – The extreme spicy taste of the gochujang practically exploded in my mouth.

D’z wings also has a wide selection of dips ranging from French tatar, Honey mustard,  Garlic Aoli and Thai Peanut Mayo.  You could create fantastic combinations with those!

Another awesome thing about D’z wings is that they have these different flavored dips you can dunk your sauce in. We paired the Mango spicy twist flavored wings with a Thai peanut mayo sauce creating a heavenly combination – reminiscent of mole poblano.

Also shown in the picture is Masskarice – a coconut curry flavored rice that goes so well with the chicken. A meal is practically a flavor kaleidoscope!

For Dessert there are numerous choices too. D’z wings has Brownies, Brownies and ice cream and frozen fudge popsicles.

Brownie with ice cream and popsifudges. I love how the moist chewy brownie is perfectly cut into wedges so you could dunk it in the ice cream and scoop it up! Awesome finger food sized dessert! The pospifudges are bite-sized chunks of chocolate that melt in your mouth. Perfect for cleansing your palate.

Try D’z wings at the new 888 Chinatown mall.  They are located at the second floor and their contact number is 0949 432 2849.  They also offer huge orders that is perfect for barkadas and parties!  You can also check them out at their facebook page! 




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One Comment on “D’z wings fine sauces and dips”

  1. October 20, 2015 at 3:53 am #

    which one is more delicious? the d’z wings or the crib??

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