Buns and Patties: Awesome burgers, sandwiches and a lot more!

We’re proud to annouce that we’ve found a new favorite restaurant – One that we highly recommend and one that has our seal of approval.  That restaurant is Buns and Patties.

We’ve tried all the burger places in Bacolod.  Buns and Patties beats them all in terms of price, flavor and over all satisfaction.  This restaurant is located at JP 227 Residences B.S. Aquino drive, in the building next to Sanders and Angel Burgers.

The exterior of Buns and Patties.

The interior is pretty simple.  Just some tables and benches.  The wait for the food is also a teeny tiny bit long so please be patient because the food is certainly worth the wait!

I ordered the cheeseburger and when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised! The burger is big, substantial and heavy! One organic beef patty topped with pickles, caramelized onions, lettuce and served in a black sesame seed bun.  The burger was soft and juicy and oozing with cheese!  And only for 135 php!  The bun was very soft, very delicate which was a nice contrast to the chewy juicy patty.  The pickles and the onions gave the burger a nice texture – a great mouth-feel. Perfect in every way.

Buns and Patties cheeseburger!


We also ordered the Roast beef Burrito.  Priced at a low 130 pesos, this is certainly a VERY VERY good burrito. This thing is MASSIVE – as thick as my cock  er, arm!!  The rice is well seasoned and the beef soft and tender to chew.  Excellent!  I love burritos and Buns and Patties has one of the best-tasting burritos in Bacolod.

Buns and Patties’ excellent Roast beef burrito busting at the seams with seasoned rice, lettuce, cheese and beef – and is that Bacon??? Oh my goodness!!


Stuffed to the gills, we ordered a lot more! We got their Cheese steak sandwich, Bagnet and Laing and their cheese steak.

Oh my. This cheese steak sandwich weighed as much as a newborn baby!

We also had fries – Chicken fries with a mayonnaise mustard dipping sauce and ketchup on the side. It was okay! I think that this dish would be popular with kids since kids love chicken and this dish is a fun finger-food.

Buns and Patties’ Chicken Fries.

Surprisingly, Buns and Patties also serves Filipino comfort food such as Bulalo and Bagnet with Laing. What an interesting combination!

Bagnet with Laing

Their Cheese steak is pretty good too. Overlaid with strips of bacon and cheese.

Cheese steak!

Try Buns and Patties, It’s an awesome restaurant! The food takes a bit long to prepare but that’s good because you really get a high quality meal!





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2 Comments on “Buns and Patties: Awesome burgers, sandwiches and a lot more!”

  1. July 10, 2015 at 10:38 am #

    Just had dinner at Buns and Patties. Pleasant place with good service. The menu, however, isn’t like it is depicted here. “Buns and Patties’ excellent Roast beef burrito busting at the seams with seasoned rice, lettuce, cheese and beef – and is that Bacon??? Oh my goodness!!”
    No that is not bacon and a big NO it’s not roast beef. Ground beef is used much like the some fast food joints in the U.S. Does Taco Bell sound familiar? The cheese burger and the chili fries were good. Hope the establishment comes on this site and properly presents their menu.

    • Martin Banana
      July 10, 2015 at 2:12 pm #

      I had the menu picture before but didn’t post it and interestingly enough they label the roast beef burrito – as having pork. Blooper perhaps?

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