Argel’s Noodle Bar: Student friendly meals

Greetings to all students!  Since it is the first week of school, we’ve decided to do an article devoted to student food!  We’ve got the perfect place for you: Argel’s Noodle Bar.

Argel’s Noodle Bar is located in front of UNO-R at the Park Piazza corner Lizares-Amelia street. It is a small tiny store. Unassuming and simple.

The interior of Argel’s Noodle Bar.

Argel’s noodle bar is run by a petite and cute HRM student.  Her store serves student-friendly versions of ramen, Korean chicken, and Japanese food.

Argel’s Ramen

Argel’s Ramen isn’t very Japanese – it’s more like a really good bowl of Filipino mami.  The soup stock is excellent – a hint of Japanese flavoring and soy sauce.   This is a complete meal in itself – a perfect dish for students on a budget.

Next up we tried their Korean Chicken.  It is not real authentic Korean but a studentfied budget friendly version.  In this case, breaded battered fried chicken coated with a sweet-spicy sauce.   Quite tasty.

Argel’s Korean Chicken


We also tried their pork tonkatsu – very basic, no frills meal. Easy on the pocket and filling.


Argel’s Noodle bar is pretty good for a student’s budget. For less than a hundred pesos you could already have a good meal.  These three items only cost me 145 pesos and that’s with rice and drinks. I am so full.  The food isn’t authentic Japanese, Korean or whatever but at least there is a whole-hearted effort and you get good value for money.




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One Comment on “Argel’s Noodle Bar: Student friendly meals”

  1. June 19, 2016 at 6:18 am #

    I was just wondering if anyone have any idea if they transferred or just stopped their business 🙄

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