The 9th Negros Island Organic Farmers Festival

Don’t miss out on one of the biggest food events of the year: The 9th Negros Island Organic Farmer’s Festival! Running from November 19-23, there is certainly a lot of things to see and do!

The entrance to the festival!

Looking to start a garden? Or plant some fruit trees? Well there is a garden section! All sorts of plants, herbs and trees are there for the plant enthusiasts!

Gorgeous greens.

There are also farmers selling fresh organic produce.  These are some of the awesome veggies and products available!

Look at the size of those Patani (snap beans)


Natural, organic rice!

One stall owner got really creative!  This looks awesome!

Rice grains decorate the front of the stall.

The main draw for me was the food! So many delicious things to eat and taste!

Spanish Sausage (Txacho and Kome Kome booth)


Tandoori chicken. (Txacho and Kome Kome’s booth.)


Lechon Baka from Enting’s.


Txacho’s famous Tortilla de Patatas de bacalao




You can pretty much guess at the most popular booth for us in the festival!  The festival is on going until November 23 so do drop by!  Don’t miss out on this awesome event!




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