JD’s Restobar: The Newest Eroreco Restaurant

Eroreco is known for the famous Pamilya Grill restaurant, Rinjin, the Japanese restaurant and now, on the same street JD restobar has opened!

Opening Night!

The food is your average Filipino food.  However JDs restobar has cheap, cheap prices. The food is average and won’t break your wallet. The prices are student friendly ranging from 70 pesos -100 pesos and families will enjoy their cheap meals. Portion sizes are small to reflect this cheap price.

Opening Night!

Unlike Pamilya Gril, JD’s serves alcoholic drinks which gives them an advantage for barkadas or families looking to do some drinking. JD’s also serves seafood pala pala style where diners can chose and select their choice of seafood and have it cooked directly.

Kiddies ordering their meal!
JD’s barbecue.

Please try and visit JD’s restobar. Located in Eroreco Subdivision on Margarita street, this place offers families and friends an alternative choice in dining.


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