Konting Kuskos

Many people have been referring Konting Kuskos to us for some time now and finally one day we had a chance to visit this restaurant.

Konting kuskos is located near Northwest Inn on Rizal Street. Its claim to fame are the various assorted sea food and special delicacies like kinilaw na dilis and kinilaw na talaba.

Konting Kuskos

The place is big and we could see a lot of diners having lunch.  We saw that they had a lot of seafood available however most of the other dishes were already decimated by the lunch time crowd.

Welcome to Konting Kuskos!


While ordering, we couldn’t believe how high the prices were. The food was okay but too ordinary. We could have went to a similar carinderia and gotten a lot more value for our money.



Kinilaw na dilis






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  1. Cora Platis says:

    The fish looked kinda overcooked and partly charred. …

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