The New SM Bacolod North wing Food court

The new wing of SM has opened and one of the main features is their beautiful and expertly designed food court. Located on the second floor of their North wing, this food court is very different from other SM food courts in that this food court is well lit, has adequate ventilation and has lots of natural light (not tucked away in a basement!)

The wide open spaces and big skylights let a lot of natural light pass through. Ventilation is more than adequate!

The whole place is bright and vibrant. Nakakaenganyo.  

Quite enjoyable! This is one of the better designed SM food courts!

We were invited by Miss May Castro to try out the foodcourt and meet the tenants.  I admit, I am pleased to see Manila Franchises in SM because they inject a new diversity and experience for the Negrense people.

Sbarro is one of the tenants in the new food court and the lines are really long and filled with people queuing up to get their pizza fix!

These are the various types of pizza that Sbarro offers!

We were given a sample to try. The pasta was excellent and the pizza, although simple was adequate enough.  Sbarro serves really good meals and the long lines queuing for a slice are testament to that.

Pizza and Pasta! A perfect combination.

For drinks, we had some fruit shakes the staple Thirsty fresh juices and shakes.  They’re also open at SM and they are a healthy and nutritious option to add to your meals.

Have some fresh fruit juice to cool you down.

One of my favorite childhood memories is saving enough money so I could buy a pack of Potato corner french fries.  Yup, they’re here too in the news Sm food court and the pleasant and attentive stuff is ready to serve you. My absolute favorite is the sour cream and garlic fries.

Potato corner!


If you’re in the mood for a cool drink, there’s also Chillers – a Negros based business serving milkshakes and slushes. They have attractive flavors and you can even mix and match the flavors to your own liking!  Among their flavors they have bubblegum, sweet corn, and the best selling chocolate kisses with bits of chocolate inside.

The shake machines of Chillers.


For those craving a more traditional meal, Casa Illonga is also here! They serve traditional Filipino food and favorites. This place is extremely popular with very long lines queuing up just to have a taste.

Casa Illonga

One place that fans of Korean food will enjoy is Mr. Kimbob.  They serve fast food versions of Bibimbob, Kimbob and other Korean food.  Their Bibimbob platter is especially delicious and filling!

The secret to eating this is to mix everything up! It has a nice spicy sweet kick to it which is perfect for Filipino palates.

I invite you guys to go check out the new Sm food court!  The food there is really good and there are new places opening soon!  Don’t think that these are all the food choices that are available. Sm has a lot of surprises for us in store.  So whenever you are in SM, drop by their new wing and try their food court! You won’t be disappointed.


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