Man’s Cafe

Man’s cafe is one of the newest coffee shops that opened in Bacolod. They recently opened along La Salle Avenue in the Pacita Building (right beside Jollibee.)

Man’s cafe.

The interior is neat and clean and has an artsy feel to it. It is relaxing and soothing to the eye.



There were a lot of students when we entered. I guess everybody wanted to try out the new place.  We took a look at their menu and saw a couple of Singaporean dishes, a lot of Filipino dishes and pasta.  They also had an extensive menu of cold drinks.  We decided to try their fish curry, some pasta and a couple of cold drinks.

Fish curry! (400php).

Well, we were surprised because banging sounds ensued from the kitchen. After a while the waiter emerged bringing out a Lapu-Lapu fish head and the rest of our orders.

The curry is great, really spicy, served Indian style with a lot of okra and eggplants.  The fish was evidently cooked straight out of the freezer as some parts were raw-ish but still edible. What was annoying was that the cook had not cleaned the fish properly and we had to pick out several scales. I guess the banging sounds were from the cook attempting to decapitate the frozen fish.  Finally we were a bit upset that we had paid 400 php and we were not given the TAIL part of the fish.  I mean, there’s so little meat on the head portion and as one of my friends put it, this is their opening so they must make a good impression.  What better way to make a good impression on customers than to give them a prime part of the fish?  But it is their soft opening so I’m sure this was a mistake.


The drinks were okay. A bit too sweet because probably they are aiming for students. I didn’t like the artificial cream on top of their drinks though.  For the price, the drinks are just okay.

Man Cafe’s drinks!



We tried the pasta too! Their cheesy deli pinoy came with smoked bangus, salted egg and parmesan cheese.  It’s okay. If I’m really hungry I would go eat this.  It has a nice texture and taste from the smoked bangus and the salted egg.


Cheesy Deli Pinoy. A nice pasta dish.


They also have brazos and swiss chocolate cake.

Swiss Chocolate cake



In parting I would like to say, this is a nice little restaurant and it is so wonderful to see a new addition to the diverse culinary establishments that students can choose from in the USLS area.


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