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Xin Chao Vietnamese restaurant: Vietnamese style fast food.

A friend and I were running some errands when we passed by the Hi-strip 4 building beside Lopues East.  We were excited when when we saw a big banner with these three words:

1.) Vietnamese

2.) Opening today!

Wow! It is a known fact that Bacolod people have readily embraced Vietnamese food.  We have the famous Saigon Cafe which is very popular among yuppies and families; We have another lesser known restaurant named Com Tam and finally the new kid on the block is Xin Chao!

Xin Chao Vietnamese restaurant! Awesome signage!

Xin Chao is set up like a fast food style restaurant. Don’t confuse it with Chef Hasset Go’s Xin Chao restaurant in manila.  I was expecting it to be a franchise but it’s not.  It’s a Bacolod exclusive.  The name of the restaurant, ” Xin Chao” is a standard greeting or the equivalent of “Hello” in Vietnamese.

They have quite an extensive menu and the good thing is that you can already buy a dish for less than 100 pesos!  150-200 pesos is enough to feed 2-3 people already! They have popular Vietnamese favorites such as sandwiches and Pho noodle soup as well as Vietnamese siopao and ham!

Xin Chao’s interior. It looks like a fast food restaurant inside!

Here’s something that you don’t see everyday, Vietnamese Ham!

Vietnamese Ham

A tray of chicken floss sits at the counter.

We began ordering!  Although they displayed so many pictures of food, only a few were available since it was just their soft opening.  However the usual vietnamese favorites were there.  Before our food arrived we were served tea. It was a very good quality tea, the distinct tea taste made me want to add milk and coffee to it, it was THAT GOOD. 🙂

This is great tea!

Our first dish was their Pho. The meat was soft and tender and the soup had a sweetish aftertaste.  It was very oily. The soup tasted really good paired with the fresh mint leaves that came along with it.


We also ordered their Goi Cuon.  This was priced at 50 pesos for two rolls! It is amazing! The roll came stuffed with fresh veggies and even had thinly sliced pork and shrimp.  Wow!  This is a good deal!  The only thing that set me off was that I got a rice paper roll that was not properly soaked and so the ends were still a bit “crunchy”.  But it was very good, nevertheless. The peanut sauce wasn’t that great but despite that we were still very happy with our order of Goi Cuon!

MMMM good! Now only if they had better quality peanut sauce this dish would have been perfect!


We tried out their Vietnamese Siopao. The Special siopao is very interesting. At 50 pesos each, this looks more like a dessert than a siopao.  According to the waiter it had cheese (The yellow covering) and it was topped with two kinds of eggs.  The meat had some herbs and mushrooms inside. Very interesting Siopao.

Vietnamese Siopao.

We ordered the Popped Rice for 30php.  Now, this is the cheapest things on the menu and also one of their must tries when you visit this restaurant. Remember that chicken floss? Well It is poured lovingly on a sheet of popped rice and topped with chopped onions and drizzled with a sweet sauce. It is VERY GOOd and quite addicting.

Popped rice!

Xin Chao is the newest vietnamese restaurant in Bacolod. You can visit them at 888 china town square and SM Bacolod Food court.  Try them out!

3 comments on “Xin Chao Vietnamese restaurant: Vietnamese style fast food.

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! VIETNAMESE!! NEW VIETNAMESE Restaurant. THis means that… that the food will still be awesome kasi new pa sila! Im super excited to try their PHO and Goi Cuon!!! OMGSH! Thank you for posting this! I might go there this weekend for my Cheat meal!!

  2. Daw namit mart! Waaaa When ko ayhan maka time kadto di man?

  3. Reblogged this on thefoodwalk and commented:
    I wanna try this when I’m back in Bacolod…

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