BNC Bakeshop Korean Bakery: VISIT THIS NOW!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s extremely rare that a restaurant or food establishment has the Bacolod Food Hunters in a state of excitement. BNC  (Bread and Cake) Korean bakery is the newest MUST VISIT place in Bacolod!  It is both CHEAP and AWESOME!  Before anything else we would like to thank our friend and fellow blogger Lo Sigrid who told us to visit this place!

Anyway, getting to the review, BNC is located on Narra Avenue in the shopping district of Bacolod.  The outside of the bakery is pretty easy to miss because the signboard is faded and the lettering is in white and pink which just doesn’t show up well.  It’s pretty easy to walk by it and miss out on this bakery.

Bread & Cake Korean Bakery.


Step inside and you will be greeted enthusiastically by the female owner and you will see a HUGE array of baked goodies! Man oh man! The price is quite cheap with most baked goods falling into the 25-35 peso range.  They offer also coffee and drinks but it is the bread that takes center stage!

Croquette or GOROKE.

The first thing that we tried was their GOROKE. It was fried bread with potatoes and vegetables inside. This was really really good and quite delicious.  I admit I have a weakness for bread that comes with savory fillings and this Goroke really hit the spot. It is veyr filling and worth every bit of the 25 bucks you put down.


If you want something more affordable and just as filling, Bread and Cake has these CUTE doughnuts that are filling and of a higher quality than any doughnut franchise in Bacolod!  What’s even sweeter is that these doughnuts are at 15 pesos only!

I’m not a fan of sweet stuff, but this doughnut really hits the spot!


“Oh my God, they have curry bread!”  I exclaimed as I browsed through their shelves.  This curry bread is filled with potatoes, curry and bacon and is so, so good. It practically flies off the shelf. It is one of their most popular bread!  They use Korean style curry which is different from traditional Philippine curry and it is mild and a bit spicy. Take it from us, BUY the entire tray if you can. It’s worth it!



TUNA bread!  These are tuna stuffed bread and these are SO SO good. Exquisite. Yum yum.

Tuna bread!

For those who are into sweet stuff and exotic bread there are a ton of them in the store and they are absolutely fantastic too!

We have the crowd pleasing cream puffs.  These should be called cream bombs instead as every bite sends sweet cream spurting into your mouth. OMG. Nothing like biting down on something and having it spurt in your mouth lol. *wink wink ladies!

Shou cream or cream puffs.


The cheapest thing you can buy is their Lamington cake, Chocolate cake/brownie thing dipped in coconut. It’s okay, soft and coconutty.

Lamington Cake


There’s so much of the bread, we couldn’t buy them all in one go, we were so full, we could hardly waddle out of the door.

Here are some of things that we plan to try on our next visit. Our pictures do not show the entire inventory of the shop there ARE MORE, oh so much more! COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES!!

Red Bean Buns! A traditional asian bread favorite!


OMG crab sandwiches! CRAB sandwiches!! It doesn’t look like synthetic crabmeat too!


Chocolate ROTI buns!!

Chocolate ROTI!


OH my Gosh, this is what we are SO trying on our next visit!

Mango filled breads!! That’s REAL mango bits!


Bread & cake korean bakery is one awesome bakery. It is run by this nice Korean couple and they bake fresh bread everyday. They are open from 7am to 9pm. VISIT this place now. You won’t regret it. If you have only 100 pesos YOU WILL still come out full and grinning from ear to ear! What’s even nicer is that this place is even cheaper than Breadtalk (Ayala) and easily accessible yet the quality is just as good or even better!





The very nice Korean couple who run the place!

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  1. You didn’t mention the FREE TASTE SAMPLING. the staff cut you pieces from every bread you so much as look at. I had a hard time choosing what to buy because everything tasted good! I really liked their curry bread. And I think that their chocolate brownie is quite big and really awesome for the price (30)!!

    A place I will surely return to.

  2. Hi, Do you know where they are now?

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