Latin American Food

Fogo: Latin American Food in Bacolod

The Philippines has very strong cultural ties to Spain both culturally and in its culinary aspects.  The Spaniards brought chilies, vegetables and other ingredients from its colonies to the Philippines.  Spanish cuisine is in our blood.  

Director Peque Gallaga goes crazy over Callos.  He absolutely LOVES it and we have had long talks over where the best Callos in Bacolod is. As a homage to this delicacy made out of bovine guts and innards, he had one of the main characters playing a rich mestiza noblewoman in his famous film Oro, Plata, Mata throw a minor tantrum when she finds out that their dinner is Callos.  But I digress, this all leads up to how we Filipinos and Bacolenos view Spanish and Mexican food as comfort food.

Fogo is one of the restaurants in Bacolod that serves really good Mexican and Latin American Food. This is one of the best places to go to.

Fogo is located in 0 residences Bacolod on Lacson street. The inside is painted to look like a mexican street!

We had Fogo’s burritos.  They’re good, with lots of cheese and fillings! The salsa sauce is excellent and they have this delicious green sauce that you can splatter on everything. You can have Steak, chicken, beef or Carnitas burritos at FOGO.

Fogo’s burritos – Steak burrito 140 php

There are other meals on Fogo’s menu and we ordered one of the most popular meals, the empanaditas. The name empanada comes from the Spanish verb empanar, and translates as “enbreaded”, that is, wrapped or coated in bread.

Fogo’s empanaditas are little bite sized beef turnovers and they are absolutely delightful.

Empanaditas – 165 php

The best Chili con carne in Bacolod can be found at Fogo. The Chili con carne is thick, creamy (with lashings of yogurt) and absolutely delicious. This comes with a packet of skyflakes crackers so you can spoon up the chili with them or crumble the crackers into the chili for a delightful crunchy meal.

Chili con carne 165 php

Love chicken? Well, you have to try the delicious chicken Fajita at Fogo! Grilled chicken is wrapped in a tortilla, covered with a chili bean sauce, yogurt and salsa

Chicken Fajita 175 php

If you like chicken, try out their chicken and cheese quesadilla! Fogo’s quesadillas are large, have three kinds of cheese and are stuffed with Salsa!

Cheese Quesadilla 165php

Fogo is a great place to bring the family.  They have a huge variety of crowd-pleasing Latin American dishes that are sure to be a hit with all ages.  They also have desserts that are superb and thankfully not ULTRA sweet like most desserts are in Bacolod.  

For Photo ops, ask the counter for the mexican costumes and props that you can use to cap off a perfect day at FOGO!

Fogo Grill is located on Lacson street at O residences.

Fogo is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am to 10pm

Contact Number is 4326130

Official Facebook page:

4 comments on “Fogo: Latin American Food in Bacolod

  1. you should try their pork roast every wednesdays after 7pm. only P70 per serve

  2. jimcuster

    Tried to leave a longer review of Fogo, but WordPress didn’t allow it. Anyway, Fogo is a wonderful restaurant with delicious food. They put a Mexican spin on everything. I don’t particularly like Mexican food but I love the way Fogo prepares it. Fogo is a habit for us — we’re there at least once a week. Jim

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