Spice’s Bite: Indian Food

Spice’s bite is the only Indian restaurant in Bacolod City.  There used to be another Indian restaurant in Villamonte which was so awesome that even Chef JP Anglo raved about the food when we took him there.   However the Indian restaurant closed down after some years of operation. Some say that it was because of immigration problems or due to Indian 5-6 money lending schemes.

Anyway, back to the topic.  Spice’s bite is located on Lacson street beside Convergys and a car wash station.  It is very noticeable due to the bright banner with all sorts of colors!


Spice’s bite!  Above Spice’s bite is its bar: Spice’s bar.


The interior of Spice’s Bite is simple.  There are no decorations, just tables and chairs.  The store has a big glass window where one can sit and watch all the vehicles passing by.

Click on the picture to see a 360 picture of Spice’s bite.

One big draw of Spice’s bite is the funny and talkative waitress.  An American friend of mine told us that she was very friendly, chatty and she really knew everything on the menu.  On our visit there, this remarkable waitress really made us feel at home by chatting with us on all topics under the sun.  We put her to the test and asked her about the menu items and true enough, she knew each and every one.  Now this is good service.    We never felt bored while waiting for our food!   She even recommended we try out medium spiciness because we had a newbie to Indian food in our group.

We ordered Samosas, pastries stuffed with potato and dipped in tamarind sauce.  At 50 pesos for two pieces and an Iced tea, it is pretty good value.  The potatoes were soft, spicy and really good (if you like potatoes).

Samosas. These flaky potato filled pastries are good with Tamarind sauce and yogurt.


We also had a traditional rice dish, chicken biryani.  The spiciness level was medium yet it was still so spicy we began to sweat buckets.   It was pretty good with the rice firm to the bite and the chicken pieces were soft and tender.


Chicken Biryani.

Dining in an indian restaurant is not complete without the flat Indian bread called Roti.  It went so well with the dishes that we ordered. We would tear of a piece of roti and dip it in the sauces.  Heavenly.


The last main dish that we ordered was the vegetable Kheema.  It had generous portions of vegetables and green peas.  It was also set at medium spiciness.  Very good especially if you like spicy food.


Vegetable Kheema


Of course we had to try their Indian dessert too! We had Gulab Jamun, a dish made of milk solids and served with a sweet syrup.  It looks like salted egg or even Chico fruit in this picture but trust me, it is a little like pudding in consistency.

Gulab Jamun

We really enjoyed our visit to Spice’s bite.  The food is authentic Indian food and most of its dishes are vegetarian friendly, a rare thing in the Philippines!  Please drop by and give them a try.


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  1. One of the best places to have South Indian snacks is a small street shop

  2. Pro Gajet says:

    Where are they now? No more Indian Resto in Bacolod? Why?

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