Com Tam Vietnamese Restaurant

We’ve been hearing good things about Com Tam Vietnamese restaurant so we decided to go and take a look and try some of their food.

Com Tam is located at the second floor of Vision Square building, 21st street in front of AMA computer college and San Agustin.

Com Tam is a nice and simple restaurant.  There are no frills about it.  Everything is clean and the decor is simple and utilitarian.

The interior of Com Tam

We took a look at their menu and tried the best sellers.  We were a bit excited because we had seen  Trixie Torralba’s excellent blog post on Com Tam and she had really enjoyed her visit when Com Tam first opened.

First up was the Bun thit Nuong.  Wow.  We were bowled over at how different it was compared to the Bun Thit Nuong served by another Vietnamese restaurant in Bacolod.  The noodles were warm, oily and greasy; the veggies were limp and the meat tasted a bit strange.   Of course we tried to be objective and decided that the Bun thit tasted different because the cook came from another region of Vietnam than the other Vietnamese restaurant but still the taste of this dish was so “startling” that we decided not to continue eating.


The taste is a bit strange. We couldn’t even finish the entire bowl.


We had the weasel coffee.  This was just ok.  It reminded us of canned coffee drinks that you drank late at night out of desperation because all the good coffee shops were closed.  The milk was just a thin layer at the bottom and the coffee was a bit weak.  Still, some people might like the coffee for what it is.  For us it was just ok. At 70php, it’s not too bad.

Com Tam’s Vietnamese coffee.


Another of their best sellers is the Guoi Cuon, Vietnamese spring rolls wrapped in rice paper.  It is one of Con tam’s best sellers at 75 php.  This was pretty decent but far from authentic as it didn’t have any shrimp and the peanut sauce had some mayonnaise in it.  Probably they serve it like that in certain regions of Vietnam.  We actually got two orders because we were hungry and it was the first thing that we actually kinda liked on the menu.

Guoi Cuon. It’s okay but nothing special.


We also got their Vietnamese curry with bread.  It was decent albeit a bit watery.  My friend said he enjoyed it just as it was and he ate it up with relish.  Look at all that oil.  You could be forgiven for thinking that the Exxon Valdez had run aground in your bowl.


Finally we had the Shrimps.  At 210 php, this comes out roughly to about 40 php per shrimp.  One of my friends who tried this dish liked it saying that it was nice and spicy-sweet although the high price did dampen his enthusiasm a bit.  It came with a lot of onions and sauce.

Com Tam’s shrimp. Nice!

Please do try and visit Com Tam when you have time. 🙂


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