Amboy: Resto Bar and Grill

Eroreco subdivision is a great place for foodies.  It is home to two popular restaurants.  The wildly popular Pamilya Grill, the Japanese restaurant RinJin and finally Amboy’s – The newest restaurant in Eroreco- located next to Pamilya Grill .

Amboy’s is a house converted into a restaurant.  The owners really did a swell job with this place using natural materials such as bamboo and rattan.  There are two areas in this restaurant, a main dining area and a smaller dining area/function room inside.

The Entrance to Amboy


The interior is somewhat gloomy and dark during the day but at night it is well lit.  The second room/function room area can be seen in this picture.  Each area has a large television screen where one can watch television while waiting for one’s orders to arrive.  Overall the place is quite pleasant, clean and inviting.

Amboy Interior

Our orders arrived.  We started off with an appetizer of sea urchin. (60php).  The Sea Urchin has a naturally strong taste and Amboy served it witha dollop of wasabi and soy sauce.  It tasted okay,it reminded me of Japanese sushi.

Sea Urchin!


Then for our main dish we had some tuna.  The Tuna was marinated with a sweetish sauce and had a few crunchy garlic bits.  It tasted ok.  The portion size was good enough for a meal as it also came with a side dish of rice.


Our next meal was the Cebuchon.  It was priced at 99 Pesos and it looked nothing at all like the picture in the menu. I guess the reason why it looked different was because they had to cut it up.  Serving size is alright.  It even came with a stray bit of string tied in a knot.  Wow.. for dietary fiber perhaps? 🙂


We then had what is considered to be Negros Island’s National dish: Inasal na Manok. (99 Pesos.)  It was just okay. It tasted like the chicken Inasal found in hundreds of other restaurants in Bacolod.


Amboy’s Chicken Inasal.

Our Final dish that we had was the tuna panga or tuna jaw.  It was well seasoned with salt and it was quite good.  However it took a while to cook and arrived a bit late.


Amboy doesn’t really break new ground in the culinary scene of Bacolod. It serves native food and seafood which is a nice pleasant change from the food of Pamilya Grill next door.  The service is a bit slow.  If you guys ever pass by Eroreco give Amboy’s a try.







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