Yuya: Bacolod’s first Anime Shop

Bacolod Fans of Anime rejoice! A new shop dedicated to catering to the inner anime fan or otaku in you has now opened!  It is the first shop in Bacolod to cater soley to Otaku fans.

Welcome to Yuya! IRRASHAIMASE!

Yuya is a shop that specializes in selling Anime goods, posters and cosplay accessories.  They’ve opened on the corner of La Salle Avenue/B.S. Aquino drive near McDonald’s La Salle.

The place is PACKED with students/otaku geeks/giggling fan girls.  Yuya sells all sorts of things that will satisfy any anime fan.

Crowds of Customers!

We were amazed to see such young fans of Anime especially schoolgirls! Anime has such a huge universal appeal!

Happy schoolgirls browsing the merchandise!

We were very interested in their displays of Kimonos and their cosplay accessories.  These ranged from jewelry to wigs and even to geta, Japanese wooden sandals.

On the far left are some hair dye for anime characters. Stocks of Toys cover the main wall.

Now for serious collectors, Yuya probably isn’t the thing for you.  Quite honestly these are all cheap goods/imitation/knock offs. There is nothing that would catch a serious collectors eye.  However they have a few good items such as their costumes, kimonos and hair dyes. There is great potential in this tiny little shop and we really want it to succeed.  This is a huge contribution to the local Cosplay and Anime Scene in Bacolod.    Yuya has just opened and it is quite disorganized. Newly arrived merchandise was just piled in boxes when we visited.   Posters were piled up in one area and spilling out of boxes.


 For us, it seems that Yuya hasn’t really decided whether to go the cosplay goods route (hair dyes, costumes, etc.) or specialize in toys and posters.  We hope that Yuya arranges its toy displays, posters and goods in a manner that is attractive to customers.  We also hope that they get some really good special anime stuff in (read: GENUINE) to attract the serious collector or the cosplayer.

Stuffed toys
Various Anime Goods


Fancy a boob mousepad?

We wish Yuya the best and we would like to shake the hand of the owner and say:  THANK YOU FOR OPENING THIS SHOP IN BACOLOD!


14 Comments Add yours

  1. bakod na d xa ky bakod mn ang mga tga YUYA

  2. meyeshua says:

    Food hunters at an Anime shop. Sorry boys but I must wonder why? Shopping for young girls or maybe edible panties? Maybe I need to find different reviewers as you have me concerned.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      We’re anime fans and we report on interesting finds in bacolod. Thank you for your concern.

      1. meyeshua says:

        Okay so I was taking your name too literally. Maybe you can add “Plus” or “Too” or something else too it.

  3. i’m gonna go there next saturday and bu sword art online stuff toys and posters costume will have to wait :3

  4. i thaught there were no anime shop in bacolod than u YUYA

  5. gmjaeger says:

    Hi. Do you have Mikasa’s costume in Attack on Titan. I badly need it. Thank you.

    1. You guys need to check out Allo Allo, third floor of Hi Strip 4 across from Panasiatic. The chef is excellent.

  6. Are u sellin manga’s ???

  7. Ian Ladz says:

    Do you have a costume of len kagamine in vocaloid?

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