Gaming Library: Board games, collectible card games and more.

Guys and gals, what comes to your mind when you hear the words “board game?”  Probably you think of games such as Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders or even Clue.

You’d think it’s a major snoozefest right?  You’d probably roll your eyes and refuse to play whenever someone invites you to play a “board game”. Well, we’ve got news for you. 

Board games have significantly improved and there are so many interesting games available that kids (and adults) would rather play them instead of Ipads or Dota!

The Bacolod Food Hunters purchased a zombie survival board game called “Last night on Earth” in which a town is overrun by zombies.  You play as a group of survivors trying to survive against the zombie horde.  It’s like an awesome mashup of The walking dead, Resident Evil and Every Zombie movie in existence.  It blew everyone’s mind. The rules were fast and easy to learn and everybody had a great time!

Zombies (Red and Yellow tokens) surround the players (Gray tokens) inside a “manor house”. Our friend Charles Go has a tense look on his face because he is the last one left inside!

I brought a board game called “Werewolf” to a party with German NGOs and professionals from Bacolod.  The board game was a HUGE hit.


Our most recent purchase was the board game King Of Tokyo where you control giant kaiju monsters and battle to get the most points.

Board games are fun for the WHOLE family.  Where else can you destroy Tokyo with a Giant Lizard and a Feral Ape?

There’s no doubt about it, boardgames are BACK.  Celebrities are playing them on youtube and these games are giving those high-fangled tech devices a run for their money!

Now, here’s the thing.  We live in the Philippines.  Most retail toystores only stock common games like “Monopoly”.  How on Earth did the Bacolod Food Hunters get games like these? Well, for Last night on Earth and Werewolf, I had purchased them from Amazon and paid a huge amount in shipping fees.

A friend (Chuckie Dreyfus) recommended Gaming Library to me and it is the best board game and collectible card game store in the Philippines! Gaming library has an online store and an APP for IOS and Android.  You can order your board games from them easily, securely and conveniently using Paypal, credit cards, bank deposit or even physical pickup from their store.  They deliver all over the Philippines via local carrier Xend. We bought King of Tokyo from them and the box arrived the very next day!

Our game arrived from Gaming library!

I admit, I am a very demanding/makulit customer and I certainly wore their staff ragged with my demands/quirky personality.   But the staff was polite and gave nothing less than EXCELLENT SERVICE all throughout my transactions. Ordering is a breeze with their app and you are secure and continuously updated as to your package status via email.

Gaming Library on IOS.

We enjoyed their service so much we bought another board game the next week.  We bought Tokaido, a game about exploring Japan.  It came promptly in the mail!

A boardgame about exploring Japan. Fun for all ages!

We highly recommend Gaming Library for their excellent service and for their CHEAP prices.  They are significantly cheaper than ordering from overseas and having it shipped to your house.    They have a wide array of board games that can be enjoyed by your family and friends. 

Give board games a try! Now for those interested here’s how to play the boardgames we played!

Here’s how to play Last night on earth:

Here’s how to play King Of Tokyo:


Here’s how to play Tokaido:


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