Virgelio’s Grill Villamonte: Seafood, barbecue, Cansi and a lot more!

We’ve previously written about the fantastic Virgelio’s in Alijis.  We’re proud to announce that they have now opened a branch in Villamonte right beside Munsterific!

Virgelio’s grill serves, seafood, cansi soup, barbecue and so much more!

Virgelio’s is an open air restaurant where people can order seafood or meat out front and then have them grilled right in front of their eyes.  It is simple but it works.  It is especially popular since people can select the cuts of fish or meat that they want.

A waiter takes orders as hungry patrons select the food that they want grilled.
Once you’ve made your order the food is sprinkled with salt and grilled. That’s it! Simple and no frills!

There’s a huge amount of fresh seafood available.  People can have their fish grilled or served sizzling style on a hot plate.  They also serve cansi, crispy pata and other Filipino Favorites.

Gingaw fillets.
There’s even a minibar inside Virgilio’s.

Even though it was around eight o’clock in the evening there was a steady stream of customers queuing up to buy dinner!

Customers picking out their dinner..
Lots and Lots of customers.

Virgelio’s also has a function room and in the near future will add an airconditioned section along with a projector that people can rent.  We tried a few of the dishes that Virgelio’s offers and they are fantastic.  We first tried their traditional favorite, the Cansi soup.  It is very popular and they serve approximately 80-100 orders a day.  It is sourish but it doesn’t have any MSG making it pleasant to eat.

Beef Cansi soup complete with bone marrow!

I love squid and we had a delicous grilled squid served up to us.  We had to carefully clean the squid as there were some “bones’ still left over.

Grilled Squid.

Our Sizzling Blue Marlin was also perfect.  The sauce wasn’t salty and Campbell based.  It was cooked just perfectly.

Sizzling blue Marlin

Barbecued Liempo

What I really liked was their skewers of Pork belly.  It was grilled perfectly and the portion was huge enough to satisfy even a voracious carnivore like me.

Grilled Pork Belly

Virgelio’s at Villamonte has a lot more to order and they’re open from 10am -10pm every day.  The restaurant/carinderia is run by the famous Jun Celis and they also offer short orders and lechon!  Give them a try!  They’re located past the Villamonte Barangay Hall, just beside Munsterific Villamonte.

Check out a 360 Degree Panorama of Virgelios here! Click on the Image to visit Dermandar then clink on the play button!



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