My Big Fat Shawarma: Huge Shawarma!

Shawarma fans in Bacolod can now rejoice!  My Big Fat Shawarma,  a new shawarma shop has opened in the Bacolod Art District.  They specialize in BIG stuffed Shawarmas.

My Big Fat Shawarma!

We scooted over there to give it a try.   The place is done up in red and green colors and looks quite inviting!

The Outside is designed to look like one of those Moroccan shops/Middle east windows!
A lovely patterned cloth decorates a wall and gives it charm and color.

The shop has just recently opened so all they have on their Menu is shawarma (as of now).  In the future, they promise to be serving more dishes such as the ever popular shawarma rice.

You can chose the size of your shawarma and customize it.

We ordered the biggest shawarma and had everything put on it.   The taste of the Shawarma is just okay.  Nothing special.  The garlic sauce is “Filipinized” which means it is sweetish and not very garlicky.  The meat is soft but isn’t really spiced the middle eastern way.  My Big Fat Shawarma is like the hundreds of Shawarma shops dotting the country.

The really awesome thing that sets my Big Fat Shawarma apart is the huge size and the late operating hours.   We really loved the CRUNCHY ONIONS.  They are a great idea and they add FLAVOR and CRUNCH to the Shawarma.  One of these days I’d like to order an all meat shawarma with just crunchy onions for the taste.


UPDATE: Big Fat shawarma just came out with their new product, the Shawarma rice.  My friends, this shawarma rice is SO good, In fact I can proudly say that this is the best shawarma rice in Bacolod.

Big Fat Shawarma’s Shawarma rice is so gosh darned good! Crispy crunchy onions, generous beef chunks and corn, carrots and peas. It is so good! Ibang Iba talaga yung lasa. The texture, the delicious crunchiness in your mouth is really something to be experienced! The best part is, you don’t need to drench it in sauce to make it taste good! It is good on it’s own!

Big Fat Shawarma’s gorgeous Shawarma rice! It is awesome!

My Big Fat Shawarma is located at the Art District!


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  1. oh man! I’m starving and so need a shawarma! UGH!

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