Imbiss Bacolod: Sausages and Beer

Imbiss has once again changed owners and this time, the NEWEST incarnation of Imbiss looks great!  The new Imbiss has been open for a while now at 10th Lacson street just near the old Topps bowling area.

Imbiss Bacolod’s facade at their new location.

The Interior of Imbiss looks great.  There are paintings done by a famous Bacolod artist and the place is well lit and cheerful.

The Interior of Imbiss


One of the paintings that hang inside Imbiss

The real draw of Imbiss however is their lovely beer garden under some Rambutan trees that are actually laden with fruit.  This outdoor area is really nice and almost looks like a beach bar.  It is really pleasant.

The outdoor area.


The bar. If one wants to eat Rambutan, one can pluck the low hanging fruits at their leisure.

Imbiss serves pizza, sausages and a lot of other things on their menu.  We tried their German dishes and while we didn’t have a bad experience, we thought that they tasted bland and uninspired.

Imbiss’ rosti. Potatoes and ham.


Imbiss’ sausage. Very sad-looking dish.


Wiener Schnitzel. It was covered all over in salty Campbell’s mushroom soup that was made into a sauce. It wasn’t really authentic Weiner Schnitzel but the portion was big and filling.

Imbiss is a great place to go drinking and it has a warm and cosy atmosphere.  You won’t find authentic German food here but the portion sizes are big and quite filling.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. I can feel your enthusiasm 🙂

    1. Martin Banana says:

      For the place.. the food is something else to be desired!

  2. earl auric fernandez says:

    Thank your for posting this review about Imbiss. Been wanting to give the place a try but was (and still is) not quite convinced about the food unlike the original Imbiss.

    Keep it up and more power.

    Merry Christmas too.

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