Remnant Health food and Vegetarian Cuisine. Healthy living and eating!

This article was made possible by our German friend Elena who suggested this restaurant to us.

Remnant Health Food and Vegetarian Cuisine is one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Bacolod.  It is a restaurant that doubles as a naturopathic clinic (on the second floor) and it serves Filipino cuisine with vegetarian ingredients.

Remnant Health Food & Vegetarian Cuisine.

Remnant is quite cozy inside albeit a bit dim.  The chairs and tables are clean and sturdy.

Remnant’s beautiful Interior.


They serve vegetables and Filipino dishes with soy meat (veggie meat).  The lighting in the place is a bit dim so we apologize in advance for the crappy pictures.  Veggie meat or soy meat is chewy and actually has a distinct but not unpleasant taste.  It is almost like real meat.  When cooked with a sauce or in Filipino dishes, Veggie meat is quite tasty!

Tinola and brown rice.

This is what they had on sale on the day of our visit.. cauliflower, carrots and veggie meat which looks and tastes almost exactly like beef.  It is quite cheap and filling too!


This is so good!


They also serve a variety of Juices that are delicious!  We had their Melange Juice which is a mixture of peppermint, pineapple and other fruit juices.  Very refreshing!

Melange Juice

Try out Remnant for their healthy vegetarian meals and their awesome juices!




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