Arisu: A Korean Restaurant with class.

Korean food is becoming very well known in Bacolod due to a large population of Koreans coming to visit.  However, most people in Bacolod think that Korean food is spicy and the only food that you’ll eat is Kimchi.  This is not true!  In fact Korean food is very versatile and has a lot of different flavors that will please anyone.  It doesn’t have to be spicy!

We’d like to recommend Arisu, one of Bacolod’s newest Korean restaurants for beginners (and pros!) to Korean food.


Arisu’s interior. It is cool, clean and well lit!

Let’s begin the meal!  For beginners to Korean dining, we recommend Arisu’s Dol Sot Bibimbap.  It is rice, meat, veggies and egg which you can all mix up together with a spicy sauce.  You can add the sauce gradually to ensure that it is not spicy!  This is a very popular dish and it is a good dish for beginners.

Bibimbap before it is mixed. This is a very healthy and filling dish.


Another dish that we recommend is Arisu’s Pork Galbi.  It is a stew of pork and vegetables and it is not spicy at all.  It is a real crowd pleaser.  They use a lot of sesame oil which gives the pork ribs a distinct and pleasurable taste.  It’s kinda like adobo with a sweet nutty flavor.

Pork Galbi

Filipinos love noodles and Arisu has this excellent noodle dish!  It is similar to pansit only not as greasy because they use sesame oil.  It is light and sweetish with a generous amount of meat and vegetables.


Arisu is located on  Lacson Extension just before the bridge heading to Luxur place! Please do give them a try!





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