Lil’s cupcakes: Sandwiches, pasta and Cupcakes!

I wrote about Lil’s cupcakes a few months ago.   Lil’s has graduated from being a stall to a full fledged cupcake store!

Located on LaSalle avenue, Lil’s cupcakes opened their doors a few days ago and the Bacolod Food Hunters paid them a visit!

Lils new flavors. The two front cupcakes are Mango Chili (L) and the right one is vegetarian (chocoavocado), Upper left is the Choco peanut and Upper right is apple pie cupcake!

The Mango chili is my favorite new flavor!  It tastes of mango but after every bite you feel the spicy kick from the chili.  It’s really unique and interesting.  The avocado is moist and chewy.  They also have your old favorite flavors like the apple pie cupcake  and the black forest.  Popular flavors such as the black bottom cupcake also make an appearance.

What makes Lil’s new store special is that they are now serving pasta meals and sandwiches!

Lil’s bakes their own bread and they have several different kinds for you to choose from when you make your sandwich.  Lil’s bread is really good.

Freshly baked Oat bread!
Pandesal type bread.

Lils also sells filipino breads and they also have an interesting product!  Carrot bread.

Carrot bread. It looks chunky and delicious!

We ordered a couple of sandwiches and they were great!  The sandwiches were filling and the bread tasted so good!   they use only fresh ingredients in their sandwiches!

Fresh Veggies
Lil’s sausage sandwich!
Lil’s tuna sandwich on oat bread.

Lil’s also serves pasta in a bread bowl!   The bread bowl is mostly for takeout purposes and for display.  You can eat it too but it’s a bit dry.  it’s convenient because when people take out their pasta, you can just wrap up the bread bowl and go!   No more styrofoam or plastic containers!

Lil’s tuna pesto! The bread bowl is so cute!

We enjoyed our time at Lil’s!   They have great cupcakes, sandwiches and breads!  Check them out at Pacita arcade right beside Jollibee lasalle!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. That is an awesome looking sausage sandwich, Martin! I love a sandwich like that with lots of crunch. Thanks for the heads up about Lil’s.

    ~ Gary ~

    1. Martin Banana says:

      thanks gary

  2. Bernz says:

    I like the idea of having a bread bowl for pasta.. creative and unique,,, will be visit and try soon…

    1. pepe says:

      For sandwiches, all Santis deli sausages , cheeses and hams are now available at new metro store in Ayala northpoint. No need to get ripped off at Bobs anymore.

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