Love Cab: The Taxi with Wi-Fi in the Philippines.

I was coming home from work when I saw a very colorful taxi which had a Wi-fi sticker on it.   Wi-fi? on a Taxi?

Sounds to good to be true.  I went towards the taxi, talked to the driver, found out it really had Wi-fi and a lot of other gadgets!   I snapped a few photos and uploaded them to the Bacolod Food Hunter facebook page.

It went VIRAL.

The Photo that went Viral. (sans captions)

Many people viewed and shared the photo so I decided to take more pics and tell you guys about LOVECAB.  The only Taxi in the Philippines with WI-fi, a Tablet and a GPS!

I called the Cab company and took a ride and photos!.

The secret to the Wi fi is this portable hotspot gadget that the driver carries around with him.   This portable hot spot accepts sim cards and gets connected to the internet VIA 3g.

A portable hotspot device.

I took a look at the tablet and it was an ACER android tablet!  It had security locks and wires on it so that you couldn’t mug the driver and run off with the tablet.

Acer Android tablet in the taxi! Wow!

The wires  did make it a bit difficult to use so I opted to use my tablet in the car instead.  Whaddya know, the internet was really fast!

The most awesome feature was a GPS system in the taxi.  A GPS? On a Taxi in Bacolod? WOW!   And it really works! It also doubles as a television!!

A GPS System in Bacolod!

It is Amazing to see this taxi company which first launched its services here in Bacolod!    I spoke to the driver and the owner and he said that they are expanding to Manila SOON.

It’s great that Bacolod started this new high tech CAB!!  AWESOMENESS!!

People are asking if the price is expensive due to the wifi and the GPS.   It’s NOT EXPENSIVE AT ALL!!    It just costs the same as a regular taxi!

You can get a ride at Lovecab via their facebook page!


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Micko says:

    I don’t really think its(the GPS) a first in Manila, I’ve tried riding cabs with GPS in Manila, though it really is amazing to know there’s such cab in Bacolod. A first for sure.

  2. 4U Micko says:

    It says
    “The only Taxi in the Philippines with WI-fi, a Tablet and a GPS!”
    It’s the total package.

  3. guest says:

    about 5 months ago a different cab company in Iloilo started theirs just like this cab.. 😉

  4. guest says:

    Ano ba yan? Claim na naman ang tagaBacolod…
    Gaya-gaya lang naman eh MARCH pa lang meron na sa Iloilo, tapos lagyan lang ng “GPS at TABLET” para maging first sila.
    kawawa talaga

    1. guest says:

      Is the a first in the article? Maybe you should read it carefully..

  5. guest says:

    Hi guests..if you have wifi taxi in iloilo then good.but whats the name of that taxi? Gdr, light of glory? Melvin?etc?

  6. Joan says:

    Love it …its amazing…sana ma try ko yan pag uwi…great job

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