Saigon Cafe: Vietnamese Cuisine in Bacolod

Today the Bacolod food hunters present to you the popular and trending bacolod restaurant on the  internet: Saigon Cafe!

We came across Saigon cafe when we read one of the posts on mamacooks, a blog that we follow.  Her post was so well written and the pictures so enticing that we decided to go visit the cafe for ourselves.

Saigon Cafe is one of those restaurants that we really love to review!  It is small, seating at most 20 people and is run out of the backyard of a lady who trained in Vietnamese cooking in Vietnam.

Outside Saigon Cafe. Yes, it is a simple Bamboo fence.  The restaurant is located at Prk Marapara 1, Zone 2 Bacolod City with contact numbers/ telephone numbers (034)7089036 and (0943)4923750.

The place is small but the owners have done a good job in sprucing up the place. It is warm and inviting inside!

Elegant and cozy inside! Very nice and simple ambiance.

Check out this interactive panorama of Saigon Cafe at it’s busiest! Click on the pic and let it load thoroughly before spinning the camera around!

The prices on their Menu are unbelievably low.

The Menu.. Unbelievably cheap prices!

We ordered their house specialties.  One of which is the Bun Thit Nuong, a dish consisting of rice noodles topped with peanuts, cucumbers, carrots and grilled pork.  It is served with a sweet spicy sauce.

Bun Thit Nuong. This is really good especially when the pork is freshly cooked! So good!

When I first ate the dish I was immediately impressed by the freshness and simplicity.  You could taste every ingredient and they each complemented each other.

We then had the Chaca Hanoi which was also one of their most famous dishes.  It is cream dory fish that you wrap in rice wrappers along with some sauce, noodles and vegetables.  It is really good and It is a lot of fun eating this dish because you have to pre soak the rice wrappers and wrap your own serving.  It is fun!

Chaca Hanoi
Rice noodles with peanuts

Last came our drinks, Lychee cooler and Vietnamese coffee. It is brewed coffee mixed with condensed milk and you pour it into a glass of ice.  Mmm.  It is a must try when you go to this place.

Lychee cooler
Vietnamese coffee complete with a little filter on top.  Yes, that is a THICK layer of condensed milk.

The meals come with lots of veggies so it is both light and filling at the same time. You don’t get a disgusting greasy feeling from the food and you feel cool and refreshed because of the veggies.

Saigon cafe is really popular and since it is run out of a back yard, it has a nice home like feel to it.  Since the number of diners are limited, the owner really makes sure that each dish is served perfectly.  This also reflects on their opening hours which are only on Wednesdays-Sundays 5pm-10pm.  No, they don’t serve lunch despite popular demand.

They’re opening up a branch near riverside soon to accommodate their growing clientele.  I could write more and more about this amazing restaurant but there are already dozens of blog posts about it on the internet.  Why don’t you go and dine here?   Trust us, all the bloggers in Negros are raving about this restaurant.

Tips to dining there:
Make reservations and orders in advance if you are a big OR small group.  In this way you can be guaranteed your seats.  Try not to cancel if you’ve ordered food!

Here’s  a Map on how to get to the place.

How to get to Saigon cafe.

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15 Comments Add yours

  1. haha thanks martin! I do want to go back there for their balut dish. waaaa aga pa ko ginalaway subong. LOL

  2. Thank you for the great post about the Saigon Cafe, Martin. I wonder if anyone is planning to open the Hanoi Cafe anytime soon? Lol. Once Saigon opens near Riverside, we will check them out. Now, if they could check with the importers of beer and get some Vietnamese 33 Beer in stock, it would be a hit, too, in my opinion. Singha Beer from Thailand also goes great with Thai food.

    Have a good day!

    ~ Gary ~

    1. Martin Banana says:

      When are you and your wife coming to town? I’ll text you and we can go out for a meal

  3. Martin, thank you much and it sounds great to me. We will be in town next week, beginning Tuesday. I look forward hearing from you.

  4. Noni Cabrera says:

    Wow, that’s hella cheap for a Vietnamese restaurant. Usually, they are so expensive because the food is amazing and the preparations are very complicated. They put so much love into the dishes and it comes with a lot of different components. I’ll try this when I go back to my hometown.

  5. pepe says:

    No offence to them but i passed by a month ago and was amazed to see what a dump it looks from the outside. I would be scared to park there with all the local hoodlum kids hanging around. If the food is that good they need to transfer fast. Food in Vietnam is amazingly cheap, healthy and good. UNLIKE HERE!

    1. Martin Banana says:

      Yes outside it looks like a dump but inside they’ve done a fantastic job! Place looks very nice

      1. Joy Oh says:

        well, there are “dumpier” places in vietnam and elsewhere. saigon resto is not half as bad. it’s cleaner than most. and i like the fact that they don’t substitute ingredients. they grow their own mints and herbs which are rather hard to come by in bacolod.

  6. docJ says:

    I enjoyed this review Mart. It’s very informative. I know your review will give them the customers the duly deserve.

    1. Martin Banana says:

      thanks thanks!!

  7. dh trang says:

    No, I am Vietnamese living in Bacolod. My boss brought me there and it is not authentic at all. Com Tam near Dream 21, opposite Riverside Hospital is much better. I love it there. If anyone try Com Tam there and not good, wow, I will be amazed because every my friends (Filipino) love their food!!! My mom has a restaurant in Vietnam so I know who is better restaurant friends!

    1. Hi dh trang,

      Thanks for the tip. Most expats enjoy cold beer with their food. More expats would try Com Tam if they sell beer. I know many expats in Bacolod. Thanks!

      ~ Gary ~

    2. Martin Banana says:

      Thanks for the tip. We will try Com Tam

  8. Tim Aquino says:

    They are about to open their new location across the street. I hope they make the Bun Thit Nuong a little more hearty by adding more bbq pork and include fried spring rolls and even a few shrimp. If they are trying to keep the prices down, allow as an option. Without, it was not that satisfying.

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